Westchester Square DOT meeting gets results

On Thursday, July 2, DOT repainted the angled parking lines along Lane Avenue to help end customer confusion and distinguish each space, just one of the many factors contributing to the revitalization of Westchester Square. Photo by Amanda Marinaccio

The ongoing revitalization of Westchester Square continues, with newly painted lines to help customers with their shopping excursions.

On Thursday, July 2, in response to numerous requests from the Association of Merchants & Business Professionals of Westchester Square, Community Board 10 and Councilman Jimmy Vacca, the Department of Transportation repainted the angled parking on Lane Avenue.

“We’ve been asking to get the lines and the markings in roadways repainted for almost two years now, and for whatever reason it kept getting postponed,” said Joe Regina, vice president of the merchant organization. “We finally ended up having sit-down with DOT and they assured us it would be done in June dependent on how rain was.”

According to Regina, the faded lines were creating a problem with cars parking the wrong way and occupying multiple parking spaces, despite signage.

“We are very grateful and it makes it a lot easier to park in allotted spots instead of taking up to much parking or not parking at an angle,” said Regina. “People don’t read the signs or know it’s back in angle parking.”

The vivid markings are just one piece in a broader revitalization effort that includes the nearly $6 million reconstruction of Owen Dolen Plaza and Recreation Center, regulating parking, improving the cultural attractions such as the Center Stage Community Playhouse and the Huntington Free Library, increasing development and establishing a Business Improvement District.

“After two years of meetings and phone calls and some very spirited discussions, I think we’re finally starting to see the fruits of our labor. We have new street lines painted throughout the area, the Parks Department has started repairs at Owen Dolen Recreation Center,” said Vacca. “Change doesn’t happen overnight and I know the merchants and residents of Westchester Square don’t expect it to, but I do think we need regular reminders that we’re making progress, and that’s why these developments are so important.”

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