‘We will always love and miss them’: Beth Abraham Center remembers residents and staff lost to COVID-19

Beth Abe Staff Mem 1 July 2020.v1
Beth Abraham remembers residents and staff lost to COVID-19
Courtesy of Beth Abraham

As nursing homes battle COVID-19, clinical staff in the Bronx are trying to stay healthy and at the same time, continue to provide care for residents living at their facilities.

Like the residents, there are many of these health care heroes who have been affected. So on July 16 on the outdoor patio at Beth Abraham Center on Allerton Avenue and Bronx Park East, a memorial service took place led by Administrator Moshe Blackstein, as he and his staff remembered the lives that have been lost.

“This doesn’t get an easier,” Blackstein said. “So this is why we needed to have this memorial service, to give staff and residents a sense of closure of those they took care of and were also colleagues. We think about them, their families, the smiles that were once a fixture on their faces and to say, it wasn’t at all for nothing. We will always love and miss them.”

In recent weeks, Beth Abraham Center is one of many long-term care facilities that is close to being COVID-19 free where they’ve seen numbers vastly improve. Currently, only one case of COVID-19 remains in-house. A total of 215 residents have recovered from the virus, plus 30 staff members.

Beth Abraham remembers residents and staff lost to COVID-19. Courtesy of Beth Abraham

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