Waterbury Lasalle Community Association

Are you tired of the winter doldrums?  If so, I invite you to envision spring.  After all, it will be here in the blink of an eye and we want you to be ready.  Soon the days will be longer and we will yearn to feel the warmth of the sun on our skin as we tend to the chores outdoors.  How great it will be to relax in our yards taking in the beauty of nature– colorful flowers, budding trees, chirping birds and magnificent butterflies.  

The Waterbury LaSalle Community Association wants to encourage you to get back to nature by making your yard a magnet for wildlife.  With overdevelopment stealing our trees and open green space, Mother Nature needs our help.  Did you know that the odds of an egg becoming a butterfly in the wild are 4 in 100?   Let us teach you what plants attract butterflies and why it is so important to cultivate these plants.  Let us teach you how to make your yard a wonderful habitat for wildlife.  You’ll be helping to make your surroundings more interesting and beautiful as you lend Mother Nature a much needed helping hand.

Every year the Waterbury LaSalle Community Association offers free native backyard habitats to families in our community.  This year we are offering container gardens.  The gardens will include plants that will benefit wildlife, attract butterflies and live in harmony with the environment and other plants.  It is not only an opportunity to have a beautiful garden but it is an opportunity to learn about gardening with native plants.  It will also give you a chance to network with other people who share your interest in native gardening.

So close your eyes and envision a lovely container garden overflowing with native plants intermingled with singing birds and fluttering butterflies.  If it brings a smile to your face then you qualify for a free container garden.  You just have to be one of the first ten people to call.  Pick up your phone and dial (718) 792-6385 right now!

MTA Public Hearing

The MTA is considering fare hikes and service cuts that will affect our community.  There will be a public hearing on Wednesday, February 4 at the Lovinger Theatre at Lehman College from 6 to 9 p.m..  If you would like to speak at that meeting you must register with Mr. Sussman at the MTA.  His number is (212) 878-7483.  We encourage you to speak at the meeting about the hardships the fare hikes and service cuts will cause.  If you need help preparing testimony please call our community board at (718) 892-1161.  They will be happy to assist you.

In the NE Bronx, the MTA plans to eliminate the Bx. 14 and reduce service on the Bx. 8.  They also plan to eliminate express bus service on City Island and raise the fares for Access-A-Ride.  Proposed renovations for the #6 train stations will be postponed.

Councilman Jimmy Vacca is providing buses to take people to the meeting.  Please call his office for details and to reserve a seat.  There is limited seating so please call him at (718) 931-1721 today.

Broccoli Rob

In last week’s column we invited you to LaStrada Restaurant to enjoy a night of great food and fantastic music.  I hope you had the chance to join us because it truly was an exceptional evening.

One of our members, Rob Cittadino, (affectionately known as Broccoli Rob) performed with his band, Dem Brooklyn Bums, and what a performance it was!  We were treated to a host of old Italian favorites by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Tony Bennett.  The band had a great jazzy sound that I thought was quite unique.  It was great to get that downtown feel right in our own neighborhood.  Delicious food in an upscale setting and upbeat music that makes you want to tap your foot and sing along.  What more can you ask for!

LaStrada offers music every Wednesday and Thursday from 7 to 10 p.m.  You can reach Rob Cittadino at (917) 680-5903. 

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