Waterbury Lasalle Community Association

We were very happy to see so many of our members and residents from neighboring communities at our last meeting.  At such crucial times it is so very important to come out in large numbers so that the powers that be know that we are organized and ready to fight for the kind of zoning that makes sense for our community.  We must continue to call on every city official and enlist their help to stop this insanity!  We must halt the continuing momentum of overdevelopment and all of the hardships it brings!  We can be successful if we ban together and rattle the chains until we are heard.  Together we must ask, “Can you hear us now?”  And we cannot stop asking until the job is done!

If you were not at this meeting you missed a rare opportunity to give testimony to and ask questions of almost every city official that could possibly help us in our fight to curb overdevelopment.  Our panel consisted of a representative from the DOB, the Department of City Planning, the Mayor’s office, the office of the Borough President, the office of Senator Klein, the office of Congressman Crowley as well as our district manager Ken Kearns and Councilman Jimmy Vacca.  All of our government officials heard your voices loud and clear!  We were united and our organized effort was recognized.  Now, we must continue the fight in large numbers with one united voice!

Ballroom Dancing

Thanks to another generous grant from Senator Klein this program will continue through the first part of the summer.

We have a great professional dancer as our instructor.  You must register for the next session.  Call Maria at (718) 828-7669. 

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