Waterbury Lasalle Community Association

The next year will be a critical time for our community.  We have never been in a better position to achieve some of our most important goals.  Our civic associations have joined together which has increased our power significantly.  Now, instead of being a group of 500 or 1000, we are a group of many thousands and that is critical when you are trying to get city officials to listen and respond.   Also, the mayor who can help us achieve our goals needs our help if he is to win the election next year.  Now is the time for us to act.  We must write letters, make phone calls, sign petitions and most importantly we must rally together in large numbers where we can be heard and seen by the people who can help us.

We must become a community of activists.  We must develop a positive attitude and really believe that we have the power to change things.  After all, the government is supposed to be by the people and for the people but we have given our power away to city officials and politicians, some of which do not have our best interests at heart.  Let’s get that power back.  Let’s take control of our lives and our community by becoming active in our government. 

How do we begin?  You must join your civic association.  Your civic association has already done the networking.  They are familiar with the local politicians and city officials.  You need their support and they need you too. They need you to join them and to volunteer whenever you can to help with the projects they plan.  If you are active within your association you can count on them to help you with problems as they arise.  You will become more knowledgeable about our community and therefore you may be able avoid problems and take advantage of the community programs that you will learn about. 

When you are part of a civic association, you no longer work alone.  If there is a problem you have the power of numbers and experience behind you.  The response to a civic association with thousands of members can be very different than the response to a single person. 

Many young families in our area tell me that they would love to join but they are too busy with young children and cannot make the meetings.  Well, if you have young children that should be a huge incentive to join your civic association.  There is no better way to mold your community than to be an active part of it.  There also, is no better way to build a great community for your child to grow up in.  You don’t need to attend every meeting.  Just begin by joining.

Joining a civic association gives you the opportunity to be as involved as you wish to be.  Our association offers you many ways to keep up with what is happening even if you cannot attend meetings.  As a member you will receive WLCA’s monthly newsletter as well as a free subscription to The Bronx Times Reporter.

Our association offers many ways for you to become involved in the community as an individual or as a family.  You can become a part of our Adopt-A-Mailbox Program.  Many families have adopted a corner mailbox that they paint when it is defaced with graffiti.  We provide the paint and brushes.  What a great way to teach your child about how destructive graffiti can be to a community.

Many events are centered around families.  We have the most wonderful Christmas Tree Lighting in town.  Santa arrives on a horse drawn carriage with gifts for the children.  The whole neighborhood comes out to see him and to enjoy cookies, candy, hot chocolate and coffee.

Our association is committed to greening and we show that commitment by offering native backyard habitats and butterfly gardens each spring.  Garden recipients get free native plants, shrubs and flowers as well as equipment to care for their new gardens. 

WLCA fights graffiti with barriers of green.  We plant trees, shrubs and vines in front of graffiti hot spots.  It stops graffiti, beautifies the area and makes us all just a bit healthier! There are many ways to become a member.  You can download an application at our website www.WaterburyLaSalle.com , call (718) 863-6755 or attend our next meet on December 11th at 7:30 at PS 14 on Bruckner Blvd.  You will be amazed at what you will get for a membership fee of $10.00 for the year!

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