Waterbury Ave. sewer project set for bid

The final sewer project slated for the Country Club area along Waterbury Avenue is set to go to bid in May.

According to president of the Country Club Civic Association Marcia Pavlica, the plans for the sewer work have been drawn up and recently passed along to her to review.

“One fourth of our community was not included in the 1980 master plan for the sewers in our community,” Pavlica said. “We were slated to have construction on several of these areas in the 1990s and 2000s but then in the 90s a lot of money that was set aside for these projects went to Staten Island and our little projects kind of got put on hold. We have now finished one project on Fairfax and Ellsworth avenues. This project should have been much larger, but they divided it into an A and a B. The B part of the project is what will go out to bid for a contractor in May.”

The sewer project will cover Waterbury Avenue from Ellsworth to Stadium avenues and also from Waterbury Avenue south to Layton Avenue.

According to Pavlica, most of the streets slated for the project are small streets that have never had any capital project work done on them and don’t have real sidewalks or curbing, unless they were put into place by the homeowner or contractor.

“In the 70s there was such a large amount of ground water. People living around that area went out on their own and hired contractors to build storm lines to get relief from flooding,” she said. “So dontractors put in storm lines and the water from the lines emptied out into what is now Bruckner Boulevard and I-95.

“As the years went on, houses were built on top of these private storm lines, so every now and then we will get someone who wonders why there is water in their backyard, It’s because of these storm lines built by property owners.”

Pavlica said because some the streets that will be worked on are dead ends and some already have existing lines, the association will really have to sit down and take a close look at the plans that have been drawn up.

If the project does go to bid in May of this year, a contractor will then be selected to do the work and Pavlica said she believes construction will start sometime in 2013.

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