Warriors sponsor NFL Pepsi event

The Warrior Football Cub will host NFL Pepsi Punt, Pass & Kick Competition.

Youngsters will have the opportunity to exhibit their football skills on Sunday, August 3, at Lehman High School field, 3000 E. Tremont Avenue.

The competition is free and open to boys and girls ages 8 to 15.

For more info  call Jerry Demers at (718) 829-7574. Entry forms are also available from Lehman High School on the site date.

The competition allows youngsters to showcase their talents in punting, passing, and kicking with scores based on distance and accuracy. Age classification is as of December 31 of the current year. Top finishers from each of eight age groups at the local competition will advance to a sectional competition. The winners at the sectional competition will have their scores compared with other sectional champions; the top five scorers from the pool of sectional champions advance to the team competition, to be determined.

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