VMA recycles for diabetes cure

Anna Savino and Rihanna Peduzzi have begun a can and bottle recycling program, entitled ‘Children Helping Children,’ to raise money for research and prevention of diabetes. Collection bins can be found at Villa Maria Academy, located 3335 Country Club Road, and in front of 3271 E. Tremont Avenue. Photo by Amanda Marinaccio

Two students of Villa Maria Academy are doing their part to help their peers, while greening the environment, through a recycling initiative.

The ‘Children Helping Children’ initiative, founded by 6th grade students’’ Anna Savino and Rihanna Peduzzi, is a campus-wide can and bottle collection that they hope to spread throughout the community.

Inspired by their favorite teen sensation pop band, the Jonas Brothers, the girls explained that Nick Jonas, one of the band’s members, suffers from diabetes.

The girls’ were personally touched by a first hand account of the disease’s hardships through a close friend’s brother.

“We are huge fans of the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas was diagnosed, and our friend’s brother has diabetes too,” said Savino. “We wanted to help other children, particularly against diabetes.”

With support of their parents and the school, the girls decided to collect cans and bottles to recycle, both raising money for the cause and helping the environment.

“We wanted other children to donate, so people can find a cure and help kids with diabetes, but we didn’t want to ask for money, so we thought this was a good idea because people should recycle anyway,” said Savino.

The girls have set up two collection bins, one located on the school grounds at 3335 Country Club Road and another in front of 3271 E. Tremont Avenue.

Each week the girls sort through the recyclables to turn them in for money. Approximately $ 316 has been raised since the project began in March, and they plan to continue through their 8th grade graduation.

“I think this is a wonderful idea, its killing two birds with one stone. They are raising money to help children and helping the Earth,” said Rita Paduzzi, parent and 8th grade teacher. “I give them a thumbs up for the amount of work and time they are putting into this.”

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