Vito’s hosts hot dog contest

Vito’s Deli, located 1715 Crosby Avenue, will hold the store’s first Hot Dog Eating Competition on Thursday, May 28. (Avove, l-r) Vito Elia, Gabriel Arroyo, Anthony Boiano Photo by Amanda Marinaccio

On your mark, get set, eat! For the first time Bronxites will have a chance to compete to be the Vito’s Deli Hot Dog Eating Contest champ

In the spirit of the annual international Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, Vito Elia will be holding his own Bronx hot dog fest at 1715 Crosby Avenue.

At the sound of the buzzer, at noon on Thursday, May 28, contestants will have 30 minutes to consume as many hot dogs as possible, including the bun.

Whomever swallows the most hot dogs will receive tickets to either a New York Yankee or New York Mets game.

Since it’s opening ten years ago, Vito’s Deli, has been donating food to local seniors during the holidays and special occasions.

This past Thanksgiving, Elia gave away over 300 sandwiches and 30 turkeys to help ease the stress of the holiday during these difficult times.

“All of my customers come in here two to three times a week and spend their money,” said the Country Club resident. “I have to find ways to give back to them somehow.”

The contest will be held in honor of Elia’s late friend Vinny.

The contest is limited to ten contestants, on a first come first serve basis. For more information or to sign up call (718) 828-9600.

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