Vacca hosts district-wide Day Out to Work Out

Cynthia Picone and Councilman Jimmy Vacca during the “Day Out to Work Out” on Saturday, January 24. Photo by Richard Griffiths

Councilman Jimmy Vacca hosted a district-wide “Day Out to Work Out,” on Saturday, January 24, bringing some of his constituents into area gyms to try out the equipment and get a idea of what is going on inside.

The effort is part of a broader funding program Vacca is launching to benefit healthy living, and this program will help area schools, senior centers, and community centers work with local residents to improve their own health and lead fuller lives.

For part of the day, Vacca was at Fusion Fitness at 3679 E. Tremont Avenue, one of many participating gyms and personal fitness centers in the “Day Out to Work Out”.

“Every January, people make resolutions to get into better shape,” said Councilman Vacca. “If President Obama can find time in his extremely busy schedule to work out every day, certainly we can find time to work out two to three times a week.”

Vacca said that he is lucky to represent a district that offers so many opportunities when it comes to becoming healthier by toning muscles and shedding excess pounds.

“No place is like the community that I represent because there are so many options when it comes to working out, and you don’t have to drive far away to get a gym or fitness center,” Vacca said while working out.

Ron David, the owner of Fusion Fitness, said working out has benefits that not only combat physical illness, but also helps people deal with stress.

“Working out and staying physically fit is one of the economic ways of stress release,” David said. “In these tough financial times, I think many people get into a bunker mentality – thinking if they don’t go out of the house, they won’t spend any money. The truth is that physical fitness will lead to a healthier well-being.”

Those working out at the gym said that doing aerobic exercise or lifting weights not only relieves stress, but also makes them feel and look better.

“For me, this is not only for my health but it is also a stress relief,” said Barbara Quinn, of Throggs Neck.

Fusion Fitness member Cynthia Picone said that she has been working out since she was 22 years old and has never regretted it. She is now 60.

“I have done yoga, trampoline jumping, stationary biking, regular biking, running and many other activities,” Picone said. “I work out four times a week, and I personally think exercise is the best thing for everyone.”

Some of the other locations participating in this effort to promote physical fitness were Bronx House Community Center at 990 Pelham Parkway South, Curves at 3149 Bruckner Boulevard and 1942 Williamsbridge Road, Dolphin Fitness at 2030 Eastchester Road, Mr. America’s Personal Training at 1942 Williamsbridge Road, and New York Sports Club at 1601 Bronxdale Avenue.

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