Vacca holding food drive to honor Mother Teresa

In what has become an annual tradition, Councilman Jimmy Vacca is calling on the public to join later this month in a Day of Service in honor what would be Mother Teresa’s 102nd birthday.

He called on local residents to honor the humanitarian’s legacy by donating food at 4 p.m. Sunday, August 26 at Lydig and Holland avenues, beneath the street sign reading “Mother Teresa Way,” which was installed three years ago at Vacca’s request.

The councilman started the successful tradition two years ago to remember Mother Teresa on her 100th birthday.

“Mother Teresa devoted her life to serving the poor, the sick, and the destitute, and her birthday gives us occasion to do our small part to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves,” Vacca said. “Even the smallest donation can make a big difference to families struggling to put food on their tables.”

Vacca said he hopes the now-annual tradition will inspire local residents to be generous to others in need year-round.

The food items should be nonperishable, such as pasta, sauce, soup, canned fruit and vegetables, cereal, etc.

Vacca and members of the Vacca Volunteer Corps will be on hand to collect the food and deliver the donations to the Jewish Community Council of Pelham Parkway food pantry.

Local residents not available for the 4 p.m. drop-off are encouraged to donate to one of the following food pantries in honor of Mother Teresa: St. Lucy’s Church (833 Mace Avenue), Our Lady of Solace Church (731 Morris Park Avenue), St. Clare’s Church (1918 Paulding Avenue), St. Benedict’s Church (2969 Otis Avenue), Jewish Community Council of Pelham Parkway (2157 Holland Avenue).

Food can also be dropped off at Vacca’s office, 3040 East Tremont Avenue, prior to August 24.

Residents interested in volunteering to collect and deliver food can call Vacca’s office at (718) 931-1721.