Utility tries to quiet its neighbors

After months of complaints, Con Edison representative have visited their irritated neighbors to gain a new perspective.

On Wednesday, May 13, Con Edison spokesperson Rolando Infante, along with other representatives went to the home of Patti and Dominic Gallucci, to address the problems that still plague the couple and other residents of Van Nest Avenue, who have the plant in their back yard.

A representative of Senator Jeff Klein was also present to monitor the situation, having worked so diligently to facilitate improvements. Since November Klein contributed towards the pruned trees, fence extension, employee gate closure during certain hours, relocation of compressors and salt pile, installation of noise compressors, and the installation of additional signage indicating noise restraint for employees.

Despite all the improvements, the quality of life for residents is still affected by the short distance between the homes and Con Edison plant.

“I think the meeting was good for them because they got to see our point of view. They admitted flush trucks are a lot of closer when you are looking from our house,” said Patti Doyle-Gallucci. “They finally got to appreciate that, because this is the first time anyone from Con Edison came into our house.”

According to Infante, the importance of the meeting was to signify the lines of communication between Con Edison and Van Nest residents.

“The meeting was very productive in that several initiatives that have already taken place and other potential improvements were discussed,” said Infante. “We have established an open dialogue and we will continue with that.”

New signage instructing personnel to remain quiet, with a more eye-catching design, have been ordered and are expected to be installed within the next few weeks.

Other sound mitigating options, such as the extension of the no parking area behind the homes and installation of sound barrier shrubbery, remain potential considerations, though no guarantees can be made in this early stage according to Con Edison.

In the meanwhile, Patti Doyle-Gallucci has a direct contact from Con Edison at her disposal 24/7, to which she may contact if the noise should become unbearable, in order to have the problem mitigated as quickly as possible.

“It will be an ongoing thing until those trucks are gone as far as I am concerned, but at least they are making an effort and there have been improvements,” said Patti Doyle-Gallucci.

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