Urban Vape proves vaping is the new smoking

(l-r) Store manager Ulises ‘Teklust’ Carrillo and owner Louis Viejo.
Community News Group / Steven Goodstein

All vapor, no smoke!

A vape shop on East Tremont Avenue is proving to be a great fit for the East Tremont Avenue stretch.

Urban Vape, a vaporizer store located at 3615 E. Tremont Avenue, has been a success since it moved to the location just over a year ago.

Urban Vape has provided its customers with a unique but effective way to get off tobacco while still being able to enjoy the act of smoking – by inhaling vapor instead.

The shop sells different products, from electronic pens and starter kits to box modifiers with different wattages and voltages, even ones with LED screens, as well as different premium flavored e-liquids.

By selling products that have different levels of nicotine as well as products that are nicotine free, Urban Vape gives their customers a chance to slowly cut down and eventually quit injecting nicotine during their daily smoke intake.

With these products, customers are not only able to ween off nicotine, but are also able to save money by purchasing devices that last longer than cigarettes or electronic cigarettes over time.

“We try to teach our customers about this trade-off – and the results will show over time,” said owner Louis Viejo.

The typical 3-mililiter bottle and vaping device will last from one to two weeks and cost $40 to $50 as opposed to cigarettes that will cost almost double the amount, he said.

This is the first business that Viejo, originally a Castle Hill resident, has owned.

“I knew that this was a convenient location that called for this kind of solution – there was nothing else like it in the area,” Viejo said. “Vaping is the new smoking – it’s the future, and what’s better than getting people off of the cigarette addiction.”

Viejo also added that he will soon release a new product brand, Urban Joules – meaning power and strength.

Urban Vape also provided a tip to its customers – raising the wattage and lowering the ohms on the coil can produce more vapor from a particular device that is being used.

The shop’s logo was designed by NYC Graphics. The shop’s interior was designed by Crystal ‘Sketch’ Cruz, among other artists.

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