Upcoming fundraiser to be held by New Beginning Animal Rescue

Gilbert, now two years old, hopes to find a new, permanent family during the fundraiser.
Photo courtesy of New Beginning Animal Rescue

A local animal shelter is preparing to hold a fundraiser for the benefit of its pets.

On Sunday, July 12, New Beginning Animal Rescue, the only no-kill animal shelter in the Bronx will hold an animal fundraiser from noon to 5 p.m. at the Locust Point Civic Association, 3300 Tierney Place.

The event will connect New Beginning Animal Rescue with other animal lovers in the community, presenting them with an opportunity to help the non-profit organization by adopting, volunteering, or both.

The animal shelter, which takes in stray and unwanted dogs and cats that would otherwise be euthanized, will encourage the adoption of one dog and two cats in particular – three pets that have each been at the shelter for over two years.

Gilbert, who arrived at the animal shelter as a two-month old puppy two years ago, has been at the shelter ever since, but is sweet and lovable, according to New Beginnings.

Mikey and Louie are both sweet, affectionate cats who became friends in the shelter and make wonderful companions.

New Beginnings has stated that they would like for them to be adopted together but will not deny either of them a home if someone is interested in adopting one of them.

“If someone adopted both of these cats they would get the best of both worlds,” volunteer Christina Abbatiello said. “They’ve been close for over two years, and it would be great if someone gave them a new home together. Gilbert has spent practically his whole life at the animal shelter and we are also hoping that he can find a new family and home of his own – he’s such a good boy and we don’t understand why he has not been adopted yet.”

New Beginnings Animal Rescue, which shelters 50 dogs and 45 cats at a time, runs on private donations without any funding from the city.

Because of this, New Beginnings is constantly looking for support from the community and borough – even if it doesn’t mean that they will adopt.

“We encourage everyone that can, to show up and support this cause, maybe fill out an application – either to adopt or volunteer,” Christina said. “Of course we’d love for all of our pets to be adopted tomorrow, but we appreciate every bit of support that we receive. We encourage people to donate anything because the possibilities are endless when it comes to what a shelter can use.”

“We want our pets to find new, permanent homes – the problem is that there are not nearly enough homes to go around for our pets to be adopted,” said Marlene Giga, a volunteer who trains scout and student volunteers also involved in the animal shelter. “The Bronx has the highest rate of pet abandonment in New York City, and hopefully, with the help of our community and our borough, we can decrease and even reverse this statistic.”

“We are doing a good deed for these animals as well as the community,” said founder and president Pedro Rosario, who encourages other shelters and organizations to also bring their pets and enjoy the event.

“With the help of Senator Jeff Klein, who spread the word of the event, to Christina, who offered the Locust Point Civic Association for the third time as well as assistance from community volunteers, we are able to hold an event for a great cause where those in attendance will realize that they have the power to save an animal’s life.

The fundraiser will also include photographers, cupcakes, face painting, free candy and a bake sale.

Safety booklets/kits from Senator Klein and basic animal tips will also be provided at the event.

All proceeds from the event will be donated to New Beginnings Animal Rescue.

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New Beginnings hopes this cat Mikey is adopted with his companion, Louie. Both have lived at the shelter for over two years.
Photo courtesy of New Beginning Animal Rescue

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