Union Crossing transforms former A&P bakery, warehouse

Union Crossing transforms former A&P bakery, warehouse|Union Crossing transforms former A&P bakery, warehouse|Union Crossing transforms former A&P bakery, warehouse
The building’s exterior.
Courtesy of Union Crossing

The Bronx is certainly building.

The anticipated pinnacle of the borough’s real estate boom will be Union Crossing at 825 E. 141st Street.

This seven floor, almost entirely repurposed building adjacent to the Bruckner Expressway has a mission to incorporate creative tenants that will also reflect on the ever-so-changing Bronx.

With creativity in mind, each floor is equipped with high, 20-foot tall ceilings alongside ‘light-filled floor plates’ that would offer flexible space for offices, studios for its second floor, commissaries, alongside shops and cafes, according to Union Crossing representatives.

Its ground floor alone will boast 280,000 square feet of office and studio space with retail opportunities.

“We see Union Crossing as an opportunity to connect with and be an active part of the south Bronx community by providing a platform for growing and strengthening local businesses,” said Josh Zegen, managing principal and co-founder of Madison Realty Capital, one of the project’s partners.

The lobby.
Courtesy of Union Crossing

Originally built as a major baking facility for the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P), the building was later purchased by the Union Standard Equipment Company and became the world’s largest warehouse and rebuilding facility for food processing and packaging equipment.

Now, after $25 million in renovations to almost its entire infrastructure, Union Crossing will display evidence of the Bronx’s revival, as well as breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline from its panoramic windows, but also from Union Crossing’s open rooftop.

While the building’s ownership hasn’t announced a formal opening date, Union Crossing is anticipating it’s completed rehabilitation within the upcoming weeks.

The building will also play host to ‘It’s The Bronx,’ a creative event series that encompasses the Bronx’s best art, music, food and culture under one roof.

Created by Marco Shalma, the man responsible for the Bronx Night Market, he called Union Crossing the “perfect spot” to host an event series like this because of it’s drive to promote creativity and the borough’s very best.

The inaugural ‘It’s The Bronx,’ on Saturday, January 26 will also serve as the unofficial inaugural event for Union Crossing.

The rooftop of Union Crossing.
Courtesy of Union Crossing

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