Two great careers: one a reliever, the other a finisher

Two great careers: one a reliever, the other a finisher|Two great careers: one a reliever, the other a finisher
Andre Trenier’s mural of Mariano Rivera on the shudders of Stan’s Sports Bar.
The Bronxer

This week it’s important to acknowledge the accomplishments of two Bronx legends that have left an indelible mark on the borough in ways that few have ever done.

While one was acknowledged in Cooperstown (and later New Rochelle) for his achievements on the mound, the other celebration occurred on East Tremont Avenue in Throggs Neck for his longtime work on the pages of the Bronx Times Reporter.

Both Mariano Rivera and Patrick Rocchio were anchored in the Bronx for over a decade and both have decided to move on to a life past their craft in which they are and have been recognized for their awesome talent.

While Rivera has the record for most saves in Major League Baseball, Rocchio has set a similar record in articles written over the past 11 years, amassing over 4,000 pieces on every subject imaginable.

Mo was best known for his introduction of ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica while Rocchio preferred more classical music when taking to the field during his Bronx Times career.

Rivera was known for his heater, but Rocchio was known for his cool style, which attracted readers to the paper while he kept them informed about all the borough’s happenings.

As we celebrate Mariano’s induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame we also formally induct Rocchio into our own Schneps Media/ Bronx Times Hall of Fame for closing out every single issue in a style that may never be replicated by anyone else.

Pat, thanks for the hard work you put in to close out each of those 600 deadlines. You’ve certainly showed how much you care about your home borough by all of the excellent coverage that you’ve provided on so many important Bronx issues.

Good luck and remember you’re always welcome at the Bronx Times Reporter.

Patrick Rocchio and Anh Nguyen were married in Nguyen’s native Vietnam.
Photo courtesy of Patrick Rocchio

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