Two Bronx firehouses landmarked

Two Bronx firehouses landmarked|Two Bronx firehouses landmarked

Two historic Bronx firehouses have joined the ranks of city landmarks.

They were among five firehouses designated by the city Landmarks Preservation Commission to preserve their historic facades.

All five architecturally distinctive firehouses, in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens, have been in use for more than 100 years.

They were built at a time of unprecedented population growth and development in the neighborhoods they served.

The new Bronx landmarks are Engine Company 46/Hook & Ladder 17 at 451-453 E. 176th Street in Bathgate and Engine Company 73/Hook & Ladder 42 at 655-659 and 661 Prospect Avenue at East 152nd Street in Longwood.

Engine Co. 46 is a three-story firehouse consisting of two nearly identical buildings and faced with brownstone and light brick.

The ladder company was completed in 1894 and 1904 as the population and number of buildings increased in the neighborhood.

“The buildings form an incredible composition that speaks volumes about the vital role of the Fire Department and about New York City’s commitment to providing the best municipal services possible,” said Chairman Tierney.

Engine Co. 73/Hook & Ladder 42, located near the intersection of East 152nd Street, is a two-story Renaissance Revival style firehouse was built in 1900.

The building is clad in orange-colored, iron spot brick, limestone and terra cotta decorative details.

The adjacent building, which houses Hook & Ladder 42, was built in 1912.

“These buildings have stood as dignified sentinels against fires in this neighborhood for more than a century,” said Tierney. “They are excellent examples of how the FDNY was keeping up with an evolving neighborhood and its safety needs.”

“Each of these buildings is a clear expression of civic spirit and pride of purpose that existed at the time they were built and continue to this day in our City’s municipal architecture,” Tierney continued. “The FDNY has done an exemplary job of protecting these structures that have a vital role in protecting New Yorkers, and we’re grateful for its support of the proposals to landmark them.”

Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano said FDNY firehouses are important symbols of bravery, safety, and service in each of the communities they serve.

“With these latest landmark designations, the Landmarks Preservation Commission has not only recognized the beautiful architecture and rich histories of these firehouses, they’ve also paid tribute to every FDNY firefighter who has called them home for more than a century,” Cassano said.

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Engine Co. 46/Hook & Ladder 17, 451-453 E. 176th St., Bathgate, the Bronx