TV fame leads to mugging blame for two suspects

Smile, you’re on security camera.

Two muggers who attacked a female postal worker April 11 as she was leaving the subway at the Zerega stop on Westchester Avenue, throwing her to the ground, wound up posing for their mug shots after a security camera led to their eventual arrest.

One suspect’s girlfriend spotted him in the security video after it was provided to local cable News 12 The Bronx, cops said, while the other suspect was the talk of his Hunts Point neighborhood after his face was splashed on the screen there.

Michael Muniz, 26 was arrested after a police source said “he was watching TV with his baby mom when there he was, big as life, on the TV screen.”

“The girlfriend, who apparently was none to happy over it, called her Godmother, who then called a retired police officer she knew,” said the source, who then contacted the 45th Precinct squad and spoke with case detective Paul Maldonado.

Maldonado arrested Michael Muniz April 24, and was soon led to suspect Christopher Delapaz, 25, who had become embarassed over neighbors pointing the finger at him after the TV broadcast of the video.

“He was getting ribbed in the neighborhood for going from being a drug dealer to a drug user to robbing old ladies,” said the police source.

When detectives finally arrested Delapaz on April 28, he reportedly told detectives “I knew you were coming to get me, I saw myself all over TV.”

Both suspects were charged with felony robbery, assault and possession of stolen property. They were being held on Rikers Island pending a May 14 court hearing.

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