Truman HS hosts blood drive

Truman High School senior Shane Smith prepares to donate blood. Truman donated a total of 111 pints in their latest drive; the next of which will take place on Friday, May 30.

Truman High School continued to set the pace for blood drives that won them the Chairman’s Pacesetter Award and the 2007 Bronx Outstanding Achievement Award for the most blood donated out of all Bronx high schools last year. 

The school, most recently, hosted its second of three blood drives, in collaboration with The New York Blood Center, and exceeded its goal of 100 pints, with Truman students and staff donating a total of 111 pints. 

Senior class president, Eryca Rockwell commented, “By donating blood, we not only help people in need, but we also act as role models for our community.”

Blood donations play an important role in saving lives.  One pint of blood may save up to three lives.

Truman’s next blood drive is scheduled for Friday, May 30, 2008.

“Community service is a part of every student’s education at Truman,” said principal Sana Nasser. “I want my students to know that they are responsible for being good citizens in the world we are training them to inherit.”

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