Triboro Center stands together in harmony for Black Lives Matter

BLM 2 6-11-20
Triboro Center staff hold a vigial or Black Lives Matter
Courtesy of Triboro Center

Leadership at Triboro Center and Centers Health Care had a special ceremony on June 11 paying tribune to the late George Floyd as they stood and kneeled on the facility’s patio in unity for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Administrator Nate Goldman led the silent vigil and some staff members gave short speeches knowing that they only had a small window due to patient care in this COVID-19 era.  The facility has seen 130 residents and eight staff members recover from the virus. However, the staff just wanted to take just a few minutes for the cause.

“It is extremely important that we stand with the community together because in our hearts, everyone, no matter what race, religion and color of your skin, we are all Americans,” Goldman said.  “There is no need for violence of any kind, from authorities or from our fellow neighbors. These are trying times alone with the virus that we battle here every day, there shouldn’t be violence on top of that.”

Following the vigil, staff returned and put arms around each other as they made their way back to their units.  The facility came together as one, as a family to stand for the Black Lives Matter cause.

Triboro Center staff hold a vigil or Black Lives Matter Courtesy of Triboro Center

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