Triboro Center residents get creative for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day 2021 2.v1
Resident Felicia Ward loves Valentine’s Day.
Photos courtesy of the Triboro Center

The recreation department at the Triboro Center has been getting the residents in the mood for Valentine’s Day with the creativity of heart necklaces.

Nearly 25 residents have been involved with the designing of hearts with their faces in them so they can send to their families and friends.

Display of creative heart necklaces for Valentine’s Day

“Our residents and staff love Valentine’s Day,” said Rose Ferreira, recreation director at Triboro Center.  “They can create just about anything for anytime of the year, but they love doing “hearts and crafts.”  They get personal with having their faces inside.  It’s so nice.”

The recreation team plans to have candy chocolates, both milk and dark, plus hot cocoa and juices for Valentine’s Day.

Resident Julio Rolon

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