Triboro Center residents celebrate National Grandparents Day

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Triboro Center resident Bianca Fret sits with her new plant
Photos courtesy of Triboro Center

Although National Grandparents Day may not have the same Hallmark cachet as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, many nursing homes observe it as a special day for the elderly.

On Sunday, Sept. 13, residents at Triboro Center on Teller Avenue, received a special plants from the folks at PlanTogetherNYC.

PlanTogetherNYC is a project that began earlier this year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to their website, they are equipped with a strong will and community support, where they started sending plants to their  friends’ grandparents and from there, have expanded to nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout the city.

Additionally, they have gifted more than 350 plants to seniors across the New York area.

Margarita Arzuaga with her new plant

As a number of Triboro Center residents created cards for families and friends to see over social media, others happily relaxed in their rooms after receiving their plant.

“You have to hand it to those nice people at PlanTogetherNYC, their plant donation on National Grandparents Day really touches the hearts of so many seniors here,” said Rose Ferreira, Triboro Center’s recreation director. “Plants go a long way and the idea never gets old.  No matter how old or young you are, plants touch the heart.”

Although not recognized as a public holiday, the idea of National Grandparents Day originated in the 1970’s as being the first Sunday in September following Labor Day. President Jimmy Carter signed this day into law in 1979.

Creating hearts and plant drawings is resident Olivia Trujillo

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