Triboro Center celebrates MLK Day

MLK Day Project 1 2021
riboro Center resident Domingo Garcia, 48, is proud of his MLK Dream project
Courtesy of the Triboro Center

On the birthday of the late Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Triboro Center staff got together with residents to create a “Dream” project.

Residents crafted their own unique dream piece using hands reaching out from a center to include the thoughts from the residents.

“The power of the words of Dr. King resonates year after year and it never gets old, especially these days when we need him more than ever,” said Rose Ferreira, recreation director at Triboro Center and Centers Health Care’s Co-Corporate Director of Recreation.  “Many of us weren’t around when Dr. King spoke on civil rights and then died tragically in 1968.  Nevertheless, he will always be in our hearts.”

Following the MLK project, residents were then treated to a delicious lunch of chicken and waffles.

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