Tree cutting service frees elderly woman from tree house

When a massive tree fell onto her porch during a late-March storm, a Throggs Neck woman found herself trapped inside her home. The tree was blocking her front door, and she didn’t know what to do.

Owens Bros. Tree Service, of City Island, rushed to her rescue. On April 12, the company hurried over to Mary O’Moore’s residence and quickly sawed the tree into pieces. They also removed various limbs from the back of the house while they were at it.

“A giant piece of a tree had come down and hit the porch,” said Steve Owens, “and it’s a shame because the insurance company gave her the run-around. They didn’t even send somebody to look at it, so we were happy to come through and help out.”

Dennis Owens mentioned that his brother (and business partner) was the real softie here. “Steve felt so compelled, because we deal with a lot of elderly people. Some of them have the money to spend, many don’t. This was one of those things we felt good about doing.” Indeed, as Steve added: “After I cut everything, I hung out with her for a little while, She’s in that big old house all by herself.”

“That family is just wonderful,” raved O’Moore, of Lamport Place, about the Owens’ business. “I’m a senior citizen on a fixed income, and I could never have afforded to have these trees removed on my own. I was so surprised that he came and did all that work.”

It was Councilman James Vacca’s office that called Owen’s Brothers on behalf of O’Moore. “When he called us we didn’t hesitate,” said Steve Owens, “but as soon as we arrived, I realized I had been there before, for one of the neighbors, to help cut some of her trees. She has so many huge, out-of-control trees on her property.”

Dennis characterized O’Moore’s front and backyard as “a forest,” and Steve pointed out that in addition to the huge tree they removed, O’Moore’s house has other landscaping needs. The problem is that she cannot afford to get it all cleared out. “It’s very overgrown, it needs serious attention,” said Steve. “Someone needs to go prune all the trees and blitz the place, but that’s a big job, it would take a lot of money.”

For now, O’Moore is just relieved to have access in and out of her house. Vacca is similarly pleased that the Owen Brothers were so speedy in coming to O’Moore’s aid. “We really struck gold with Mr. Owens and his company,” Vacca said. “I always hesitate before asking a local business to do something for nothing, but this instance was so dire that I felt I had to reach out.”

After this, the Owens brothers will no doubt enjoy feeling like heroes for a little while.

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