TransitScreen introduces transit display, announced partnership

A screenshot of the transit information display.
Photo courtesy of TransitScreen

A partnership was recently announced following the grand opening of a new supportive housing residence.

Last week, TransitScreen, a transportation software and digital signage company and pioneer in providing real-time transit information displays, announced their partnership with Volunteers of America and the Housing Collaborative following the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Creston Avenue Residence, 2388 Creston Avenue, which took place on Monday, May 18.

The residence, which was developed by Volunteers of America-New York and the House Collaborative, provides 66 affordable homes for high-need Medicaid clients, low-income families and disabled veterans, is also included with several amenities, including the first ever bilingual TransitScreen, a real-time, multimodal transit information display on a 42” television screen that will rotate between English and Spanish in the lobby of the building.

The intention of this new installation is to help residents of the building make better, more informed transit choices, enabling them to navigate around the city more easily.

“It’s been amazing to watch the Creston Avenue Residence come to fruition over the past two years, across numerous agencies balancing many stakeholders,” said Jay Tedino, TransitScreen city manager in New York City and Philadelphia’s metro areas. “Much credit is due, from Governor Cuomo to Tere Pettitt at Volunteers of America and to Robert Sanford at the Housing Collaborative.”

“This is a win-for-all project and the nation’s first bilingual TransitScreen will have a meaningful impact in the daily lives of all involved.”

TransitScreen, a Washington D.C. and San Francisco-based transportation technology company promoting sustainable urban mobility through access to real time information, boasts live displays in 18 cities across North America.

“Creating affordable, supportive housing like the Creston Avenue Residence allows Volunteers of America to fulfill its mission to help individuals and families in need create positive and lasting change by offering them the support they need and by empowering them to live safe, healthy and productive lives,” said Pettitt, president and CEO of the Volunteers of America-Greater New York.

“We’re delighted to partner with TransitScreen to provide residents, as well as staff and visitors, with an additional, valuable service.”

“The TransitScreen display is clearly a win for the Creston Avenue Residence tenants and is one of the most popular features of the building,” said Robert Sanford, principal of the Housing Collaborative. “A big thank you to Jay Tedino and the whole TransitScreen team for working with us to provide what is now an essential service to the residents.”

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