TNVAC adds new ambulance to once depleted fleet

The Throggs Neck Volunteer Ambulance Corps finally has its other wheels back.

The 33-year service recently bought a brand-new ambulance to replace one that crashed in 2009, leaving the company extremely stretched thin with just one ambulance, said to Ruth Leich, director of the service.

“It does get a lot of wear and tear because it runs seven days a week.”

Crews were also experiencing some of their own wear and tear keeping up with demands by pulling double-duty, said TNVAC chief engineer Moses Nelson.

“It’s great that we have this new ambulance because it provides a second means of helping the community,” said New York City Emergency Medical Technician/TNVAC mechanic Arrian Mulligan, who got his start with TNVAC seven years ago.

Throggs Neck Volunteer Ambulance Corps purchased the $73,000 ambulance from Long Island-based VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists through insurance coverage, community donations and a $25,000 loan.

It lost it’s original second ambulance in January 2009 when a car that blew a red light slammed into it.

Johh Aubry, a firefighter for neighboring Engine Company 72, praised the purchase, which will come in handy when “minutes count”.

His engine company often calls on TNVAC to assist them on runs when quick local response is a factor.

“If we can get [TNVAC] the work first, that’s great,” said Aubry.

The Throggs Neck Volunteer Ambulance Corps runs from 6 a.m. to midnight weekdays and 24 hours weekends.

Unlike city Emergency Medical Services, TNVAC does not bill patients.

The vols are also on standby for local community events such as local little league games.

The new ambulance still needs its official registration, insurance and inspection papers, which are currently being processed.

Leich said all of that should be ready by Saturday, May 5, when volunteers will christen the ambulance at a public event at its headquarters at 3955 E. Tremont Avenuer.

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