TNCAP unveils anti-graffiti poster campaign

Throggs Neck Community Action Partnership (TNCAP) sponsored a community-wide Graffiti Awareness Media Poster Campaign for students in grades 5 to 10 in Throggs Neck public and parochial schools. The students created over 700 beautiful posters sending a clear message that graffiti hurts our community. Twenty winning posters were chosen to be honored at a ceremony at the Commerce Bank on June 13 at 3:30 p.m. All posters are displayed in stores and businesses along E. Tremont Avenue. Special thanks to all the supportive businesses along E. Tremont Avenue.

The graffiti issue in Throggs Neck is causing a lot of problems for community members. Graffiti is defined in words, colors and shapes drawn or scratched on buildings, train cars, desks, and other surfaces and it is done without permission and it’s against the law. According to Graffiti Hurts and Keep America Beautiful, 2006, it sends the signal that nobody cares, attracting other forms of crime and street delinquency to the neighborhood. Graffiti drains tax dollars, and decreases a resident’s feeling of safety. It is believed that long-term success in combating graffiti requires comprehensive programming that addresses three major components: (1) educating the public about the harmful risks and about ways to prevent graffiti in their community; (2) enforce laws that address the graffiti vandals and enforce laws that address the businesses that sell spray paint to youth under 18 years of age; and the empowering of all residents to report graffiti crimes: call 9-1-1 for crimes in progress, call 3-1-1 to provide information on graffiti vandalism; (3) remove graffiti immediately from the surface by informing the police.

Some other ways to prevent graffiti in the community is to: organize a paint-out, adopt a spot in your school or community and make sure it stays clean and free of graffiti, and plan a paint-brush mural to cover a wall that is plagued with graffiti. For other resources:,,

Throggs Neck Community Action Partnership, Graffiti Awareness Media Poster Campaign

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