TN property owner ordered to stop demo

A stop work order was issued for 3717 E. Tremont Avenue on Wednesday, July 1 after interior demolition was discovered to be proceeding without the required Department of Buildings permits. Photo by Victor Chu

What are property owners thinking nowadays? Procedure seems to be a thing of the past as more and more are being caught for undergoing unauthorized work.

A stop work order was issued on the property of 3717 E. Tremont Avenue on Wednesday, July 1, for work without a permit. A hearing is scheduled for Friday, August 21.

“You can see from the street that the home is being demolished and there is a dumpster full of debris,” said Councilman Jimmy Vacca, who took action immediately to stop the unauthorized project.

“What people have to know is to keep their eyes open and watch. You can not demolish without a permit in the City of New York, and you should not assume they have a permit,” said Vacca. “A permit has to be posted in clear view on the property, and if done without a permit safety is my first concern.”

The Environmental Control Board violation notes that work was occurring within the interior of the building, removing partitions and plaster exposing the wooden joints and beam, as well as a new framed layout on the first floor.

According to Vacca, the property owner, listed on the Department of Finance website as Andrew Gormally of G.G.G. Properties, LLC., applied for the Industrial and Commercial Abatement Program, which provides a tax break for commercial buildings that meet specified requirements.

Vacca sent a letter to DOF requesting the ICAP application for the E. Tremont home be denied on the grounds that beginning construction prior to submitting a preliminary application is a direct violation of the rules.

“We are part of the continuing effort of monitoring work with the Building Department,” said Vacca. “We want permits taken out before work is done and we want the zoning resolutions upheld.”

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