TN overpass receives multiple improvements

A busy intersection now has a new bridge and enhanced traffic safety measures.

The overpass on Prentiss Avenue, located between Throgs Neck Expressway and Cross Bronx Expressway Extension, has officially been repaired, according to a NYS Department of Transportation spokesperson, while the east side of the overpass, received a new traffic light.

Construction of the overpass, which crosses over I-295, was approved in January 2014. After the winter, the NYS DOT approved contractor, DeFoe Construction, began replacing the overpass, starting the project in spring 2014 and completing the repairs at the start of 2016.

The repairs included the replacement of the bridge’s concrete decking, the bridge’s side walls and fencing as well as the replacement of both sidewalks on the overpass.

Additionally, a traffic light was installed on the east side of the overpass, at the intersection of the Throgs Neck Expressway and Prentiss Avenue.

The installation of the new traffic light was decided after NYS DOT determined there was a need for one.

As a result, NYC DOT conducted traffic studies at the intersection and began the installation in December 2015. It was officially completed and in operations as of Thursday, January 14 and was paid for by New York state.

Previously, the intersection had four all-way stop signs to control the traffic.

“This traffic light is a great improvement for the intersection – because it creates a safer scenario for drivers,” said an employee of BP gas station, located at 4147 Throgs Neck Expressway, on the northeast side of the intersection. “It has been very helpful for controlling all of the traffic that passes through.”

Two Dunkin Donuts employees at the same location are relieved that the light was installed because its now safer to cross the roadway, which they do every day to get to their job.

“The stop signs at the intersection may have been acceptable for drivers, but the pedestrians who walked across the street towards the overpass always wondered if the cars would stop for them,” one employee said. “Now, with this traffic light, there is less confusion and increased safety for us.”

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