TN Little League Clubhouse to be Renovated

Approximately $200,000 in state funding was secured by Senator Klein to fund Throgs Neck Little League’s renovations.
Photo courtesy of Throgs Neck Little League

Standing strong against the test of time, Throgs Neck Little League’s clubhouse and field will soon receive a much needed face lift.

Senator Jeff Klein secured $200,000 funding to be utilized in renovating and improving the local little league’s clubhouse.

The repairs will include, but are not limited to the replacement of the clubhouse’s roof, windows, and sheetrock.

According to Frank Eisele, TNLL president, these funds will also be invested in renovating all dugouts, repairing the clubhouse’s exterior, new bathrooms, and replacing the baseball field’s sod, top soil, and gravel.

“By investing in our little leagues, we are building important foundations for our children’s futures,” Senator Klein explained.

Eisele said the clubhouse’s initial building was constructed in 1970 and an addition was later added in 1976.

As the years progressed, time has taken its toll on the structure as Eisele reports water is penetrating the building from its roof.

“We’ve have this renovation project for our clubhouse on the drawing board for the last four to five years, however it was placed on the back burner due to other more important repairs which needed attention during that time,” he said.

Eisele added that the league has been proactive in obtaining contractor bids for the clubhouse’s exterior, dugouts and bathrooms.

“We’re waiting for this funding to be signed off by the governor and are hoping to have this project started by this October,” he said.

He added Francisco Marti was very instrumental in getting this proposed renovation pushed through in Albany and is thankful for the senator’s help in securing the funding.

Established in 1952, the league was originally called Northeast Bronx Little League and charted by Little League Baseball Inc. of Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

In 1953, NBLL was on the verge of disbanding due to inadequate finances, however was spared when Leo Vitti stepped up to the plate to take over the league.

A partnership would be formed when Vitti was joined by Robert Jonap two years later and in 1960, the league won the NYC Little League Championship which was televised on WPIX-TV.

In 1963, the league changed its name to Throgs Neck Little League and held its first bazaar on East Tremont Avenue to raise funds to re-build its fields.

A neighborhood staple, TNLL has undergone renovations in previous years which recently included upgrading its lawn irrigation system in 2003; installing new lights in both its junior and senior fields with help from the late Councilwoman Madeline Provenzano who secured a $105,000 grant; installing a new generator to power their field’s lights in 2010 made possible by Councilman James Vacca; completing a new Harding Avenue fence in 2011 as well as new infields and sprinkler system that same year; and last year saw new score boards added to both fields, a new stereo sound system as well as new windows, ceiling and paint on the clubhouse’s second floor.

Last October also saw Hellman Electric, a Bronx-based firm, joined with members of the Bronx Electrical Club and Local 3 repairing TNLL’s senior field’s lights free of charge.

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