TN chiropractor expands services

Dr. Tim Canty and Dr. Kenneth Gonoud.
Photo by Kirsten Sanchez
Photo by Kirsten Sanchez

For 25 years, Dr. Kenneth Gonoud has worked to make the backbones of Throggs Neck residents strong.

Now, with help from Dr. Tim Canty, he hopes to keep them strong—and pain free.

Gonoud recently expanded his practice, Community Chiropractic of Throggs Neck, to include services provided by Canty.

Canty, of Comprehensive Spine and Pain Center of New York, will join Gonoud at his office at 4191 E. Tremont Avenue once a week to offer minimally evasive non-surgical spinal and joint treatments.

Dr. Canty is an interventional pain physician.

“I do various types of spinal injections, micro surgeries, anything that involves taking away pain,” Canty said. “We work hand in hand to make sure people get a complete treatment so hopefully we are able to keep someone from needing surgery.”

Canty finished medical school in 2000, after studying at St. Vincent’s College and Harvard University. He has been practicing for about 10 years.

The pain physician said he and his team will provide the most advanced non-surgical options to reduce pain and improve productivity.

The new services will include ultrasound guided trigger point injections of the knee, shoulder, and hip, as well as injections for neck and back disc herniations and arthritis and massage therapy.

Gonoud said Canty’s services will be the perfect compliment to his practice.

“The doctor I was working with before Dr. Canty was taking fewer and fewer case types,” Gonoud said. “Dr. Canty was willing to accept a much more broad scope of patients, and I thought that would benefit my patients better.”

Gonoud witnessed first-hand how effective Canty’s treatments are, after Canty treated him for tendonitis.

“His services definitely make a difference,” Gonoud said.

Canty said combining their practices allows each doctor to do their job more precisely.

“A lot of times when patients prolong or put off getting a problem checked, the amount of pain is so much that it is very difficult for me to help them,” Gonoud said. “So the sooner they are out of pain, the better and more quickly I can do the conservative care to accomplish my goals of re-aligning their spine and taking pressure off of nervous system.”

Canty agreed.

“We know that having a multi disciplinary approach to treating things results in a quicker and better relief,” Canty said. “By working hand in hand we’re able to get people better quicker.”

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