The Way Cafe: a Mennonite business in the Bronx

Owner Andy Weaver and family outside of The Way Cafe.
Photos courtesy of Andy Weaver

There’s a new business in Unionport which is surely unique to the area.

That is The Way Cafe of 1015 Castle Hill Avenue, a scrumptious boutique style eatery owned by Andy Weaver, a Lebanon, Pennsylvania Mennonite by birth.

In his own words, Weaver said that being a Mennonite is in many ways similar to being Amish – there’s just a much more friendly outlook towards technology and a tendency to engage more with society.

He and his family moved into the area in June of 2017 and opened The Way Cafe exactly three-years later in June of 2020, the first cafe they had ever owned.

Like many new businesses, it was not Weaver’s choosing to commence operations in the middle of a pandemic, he said, adding that he’s grateful to have been able to keep his doors open as business has improved since the summer months.

“I’m excited about this summer,” he said.

The purpose of opening this Bronx business was to “interact with community, share message of hope, and create a peaceful environment,” Weaver added, also noting that “good food is integral.”

So, what good food can be found at The Way Cafe?

A variety of pannis, ranging from chipotle chicken, bacon, and ranch to veggie pesto, tomato basil grilled cheese, turkey apple cheddar, to plenty more.

That’s complemented by a plethora of made to order sandwiches, salads, breakfast items, juice blends and coffees “served with a relationship and peaceful environment.”

A foam engineered latte from The Way Cafe.
A harvest salad from The Way Cafe.
A strawberry cheesecake muffin from The Way Cafe.

Weaver said that the menus is influenced by his own background, adding that the known ‘Pennsylvania Dutch’ culinary style is not one which will be found at The Way Cafe.

“We’re here to offer good food and a good product, serve, develop relationship and offer hope and share the good news of Jesus,” Weaver said.

The Way Cafe is open Tuesday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The interior of The Way Cafe.