BP Diaz kicks off 2-week Dine The Boroughs event

BP Diaz kicks off 2-week Dine The Boroughs event|BP Diaz kicks off 2-week Dine The Boroughs event
Photo by Silvio Pacifico|Photo by Silvio Pacifico

As Dine the Boroughs continues into its first weekend, Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. is on a mission to show the rest of the city what Bronx cuisine is all about. He hosted the Kingsbridge Social Club’s owners for a delicious pizza luncheon to kickoff the two-week dining event that will feature more than 200 restaurants and pre fixe menus on Monday, March 11; administering this message to the foodies of the tri-state area.

“Bronx cuisine is second to none,” the borough president proudly boasted.

He called Bronx food a microcosm of the borough’s unique and diverse nature.

This is the first time that the Bronx will be part of Dine the Boroughs in its 16 year existence, now offering 30 of the boogie down’s best culinary spots.

During the pizza time, Diaz also let this reporter in on something that’s not so secret.

“The best pizza is in the Bronx,” the borough president said while enjoying a fresh, burrata topped, 800 degree wood fired pie made by Kingbridge’s head chef, Tom Guidice.

Meanwhile Dave Lindsay, who handles the craft beer and drinks for the participating restaurant, let the borough president in on a trade secret about why prossecco is actually the best drink to pair with a quality slice of pie.

“The bubbles refresh your pallet after every sip,” he said. “So really you end tasting more flavor on every bite of pizza when you pair the two together,” the drink master mentioned.

Something that did bubble up controversy with the borough president was the suggestion of dipping a white slice of pizza in a side of sauce.

“That defeats the purpose!” Diaz exclaimed, claiming that one should simply order a slice that already has sauce on it for that kind of taste.

Although, others (such as myself) have argued that a fresh side of sauce amplifies the taste of the ricotta on the white slice, similar to Lindsay’s prosecco trick.

“It does change the dynamic of the white slice if you add sauce to it,” Guidice chimed in during a debate that became more heated than the Kingsbridge Social Club’s brick oven.

Nevertheless, all parties involved did agree that the Bronx does have an outstanding and somewhat untapped culinary culture that is finally getting much overdue recognition.

Whether it is Kingsbridge Social Club in the west, or Empanology in the south, or the Wicked Wolf in the east, Bronx food is nothing to scoff at.

For the full list of participating restaurants, visit dinetheboroughs.com

Borough President Diaz (c) enjoyed some freshly made pizza courtesy of Kingsbridge Social Club partners David Lindsay (l) and chef Thomas Guidice.
Photo by Silvio Pacifico