The G & N Project’s ‘Midnight Run’ races to feed Bronx’s hungry

(l-r) Valerie Carrington, Mike Ruiz, Josephine Luan-Purpan, Darnell Liburd, Anthony Ramos, Fredrick De Jesus and Giselle Brea stand alongside a poster of the G & N Project founders.
Photo by Silvio Pacifico

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the G & N Project held a Midnight Run on Wednesday, November 25. Food and supplies were distributed to the Bronx’ hungry residents. Committed to breaking the cycle of abuse that keeps women and children from succeeding in life, the G & N Project aided those less fortunate by preparing free meals and supply packages at their 908 E. 141st Street facility which were then donated to families in surrounding neighborhoods by vehicle and by foot. The G & N Project reached their goal in feeding over 100 families this Thanksgiving.

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