The Bronxer featured on latest Bronx Brewery can

‘Das Bronx’ on the brewery’s assembly line.
The Bronxer

Here’s a snapshot of what’s on tap for the Bronx Brewery in September: Its ‘Das Bronx’ Oktoberfest lager is returning while featuring a face that’s very familiar to the Bronx Times along with the rest of the borough. Renowned photographer Alex ‘The Bronxer’ Rivera is the focus for this beer’s royal blue label for the brewery’s next edition to its ‘Up and Comers’ line, which was first canned on Tuesday, August 20.

He’s perhaps best known for outstanding photography work with the Bronx Times Reporter as well as his crisp visual images of the Bronx skyline and landscape.

Most recently, The Bronxer worked with The Rockettes and MSG Network to film a promo with the elite dance squad.

The can art for ‘Das Bronx’ was also designed by The Bronxer and it features some well-known Bronx catchphrases along with other creative, abstract artwork.

His cartoon style design is part of a larger project called “Robo Hands,” the similarly sketched graphics demonstrate The Bronxer’s love for mechanics while mainting an aestetic that merges Bronx and German cultures in a modern, sci-fi feel. Since the intent of the ‘Up and Comers’ series is to spotlight young, passionate artists and other creative personalities by spilling out their work for all to see, this collaboration was an absolute hit.

While The Bronxer is described as a Dominican blooded photography and design ace on the can’s bio section, this publication knows that there’s much more to his dynamic personality.

For instance, he has been a longtime advocate that the borough needs to increase its Ping-Pong presence for both recreational and creative purposes in public spaces, while also starting an online fundraiser to create and boost a film culture in the Bronx.

The Bronxer is also one of the borough’s most skilled hockey players. He’s made it his mission to find the best pancakes served uptown.

As of this writing, Crosstown Diner is leading all other eateries in that category.

Prior to being featured on a Bronx Brewery can, The Bronxer has been a patron of the watering hole for sometime now, saying that the ‘Now Youse Can’t Leave’ double IPA is a personal favorite due to its 10.1 percent alcohol content.

‘Das Bronx’ is available along with all of the other delectable beers from the Bronx Brewery in its tasting room at 856 E. 136th Street in Port Morris.

If you see The Bronxer there, remember to smile since he always has his camera at the ready and if not, then check out his Instagram pages: thebronxer and

Alex ‘The Bronxer’ Rivera with his can of ‘Das Bronx.’
The Bronxer

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