Tenant gets cold shoulder from NYCHA

Tenant gets cold shoulder from NYCHA
Photo courtesy of Senator Klein’s office

After almost a year with no refrigerator, this Throggs Neck tenant can finally keep things cold.

Seventy-seven year-old Inocencia Luna spent ten months waiting for the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) to repair her broken refrigerator before Senator Jeff Klein stepped in to help.

The Throggs Neck Houses tenant said she put a request into NYCHA last year after the refrigerator stopped working.

When Luna received no response, the Dominican Republic native traveled back to her country to visit family, where she became very sick.

After seeking treatment, she returned home ten months later to an unpleasant surprise— she still had no refrigerator.

“When I came home, the building manager had some people come and fix it, but recently it stopped working again,” Luna said. “They have come a number of times but they never fixed the problem.”

After becoming sick last year, Luna said she was prescribed medication that needed to be refrigerated.

On Monday, July 15, Luna said she had waited long enough, and was becoming concerned about her health.

That’s when she decided to call Klein’s office.

“I have known Senator Klein for a long time,” she said. “They have always helped me when I needed them.”

Klein’s office was able to work with NYCHA to get Luna’s refrigerator fixed by the next day.

The Senator said he was pleased his office was able to get NYCHA to finally step up and do the right thing for Luna.

“When the weather’s this hot, we can’t let NYCHA drop the ball on keeping our seniors safe and cool,” Klein said.

“Year round, it’s up to all of us to keep the heat on NYCHA to make sure they’re sticking to a tight repair schedule, especially when one of our senior’s health is on the line. I will be keeping an extra sharp eye out for all seniors in public housing this summer, because when it’s this hot outside, a broken refrigerator, elevator, or air conditioner isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s a matter of basic health and safety.”

Luna said she was relieved to say the least, especially with the rising temperatures over the past few weeks.

“I am thankful for them,” she said, “because I don’t have many people to care for me.

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