Temple Hatikva’s Passover Breakfast

Temple Hatikva’s Passover Breakfast
Rabbi Bronstein (c) was welcomed by Temple Hatikva’s Cantor Kyle Cherry (l) and president Stephen Schwartz.
Photo courtesy of Temple Hatikva

Temple Hatikva concluded its 2016-2017 series of Adult Education sessions delving into the roots and tenets of the various branches of Judaism on Thursday, April 6 at Bronx House with a fascinating presentation by rabbi Lester Bronstein, Bet Am Shalom Synagogue religious leader.

During his presentation, rabbi Bronstein emphasized Reconstructionist Judaism, the least familiar of the Jewish sects.

A Passover breakfast sponsored by the Shalom Funeral Home was held prior to the presentation.

Donations were also collected for the Bronx Jewish Community Council’s Food Pantry.

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