Teen caught in attempted little league heist

A Throggs Neck teen was caught last week trying to break into the Throgs Neck Little League building.

According to DCPI, Jordan Almodovar, 19, of 2798 Randall Avenue, was arrested at about 1:20 a.m. on Wednesday, September 8.

The 190-pound, 6-foot-2 tall teen was caught with a screwdriver in his pocket, allegedly trying to force open the front door of the building.

He was charged with third-degree burglary, second-degree criminal trespass, criminal mischief and intent to damage property.

What was the teen after? “I have no idea,” said Frank Eisele of the Throgs Neck Little League. “Maybe he was just thinking ‘Let me get into the building and I’ll see what I can get,’ but we don’t keep much money here.”

According to police, the teen climbed the junior field fence before trying to break into the back door of the building, near the bathrooms. He was spotted by an unmarked police car and confronted.

Eisele said for the past few months the little league has installed cameras around the building and around both the junior and senior fields. Although cameras have already been installed over the bathroom and other key areas, the one covering the back door has yet to be set up.

Eisele said that even without those cameras, he is not overly concerned about security.

“It’s an all-metal door, surrounded by concrete. He could have been using that screwdriver till doomsday and still wouldn’t have gotten in,” said Eisele.

Unlike with the Throggs Neck Girls Softball League in Veterans Memorial Park, the Throgs Neck Little League has never had much of a problem with vandalism or crime, Eisele said.

Over the past two years the Throggs Neck Girls Softball League has had several portable bathrooms destroyed. In addition, their building has been vandalized and their outfield has been burned.

So far nobody has been charged in connection with the crimes.

“Who knows if this is the same guy,” Eisele said. “But without a doubt we will be pressing charges to the fullest. I’m going to appear in court personally.”

According to police, Almodovar has fbeen arrested eight times previous to his Wednesday collar. Eisele said he has a good idea about how to teach the teen a lesson he won’t soon forget.

“I’d like the judge to just give him to me for the week,” he said. “I’d give him six to eight hours of cutting grass and painting benches. We’d put him to work.”

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