Super Bowl parties don’t have to be budget busters

Despite the tough economy, you can still host a fun Super Bowl party and stay within your budget. SmartSource, the nation’s premier coupon distributor, offers the following tips for football fans to save extra dollars this year while still enjoying the big game.

• Be the MVP and get the Most Value for your Party! – Save up to 40 % off your party bill by using coupons when you buy Super Bowl staples such as wings, hot sauce, chili, hot dogs, dips, sandwich meats, nuts and popcorn and have money left over for the football pool.

• Offer Choices That are Less Traditional – You and your guests don’t have to go off their New Year’s resolution diets. Coupons can help with less traditional, and healthier foods such as hummus and pita chips.

• Clean the Hot Sauce Off Your Favorite Jersey and Put a Shine on the Big Screen TV — Use coupons and save money on cleaning supplies ahead of time.

• Caught Up in The Moment? – If you forget your coupons at home while shopping, many stores will allow you to redeem them during your next shopping trip – just remember to keep your receipt and paper clip it to your coupons.

• …Don’t Forget – You might think that it’s not worth your while to clip a coupon – but $1.00 here and 50 cents there can add up to significant savings that will keep you and your guests eating until the last whistle!

Mary Beth Loughlin, a New York local and savings expert, is available to discuss these and additional ways to save money by using coupons and to demonstrate her tips in action with a visit to a local grocery or drug store. She can show how consumers can save up to $1,000 per year or about 20% of their total grocery bills by shopping with coupons.

SmartSource (a division of NewsAmerica Marketing) is one of the nation’s leading coupon distributors, which reaches 73% of America’s households (70 million homes) with coupon inserts to the Sunday newspaper. Every year, SmartSource distributes about 150 billion dollars in coupon savings, which could result in savings of almost 20 million dollars every week for savvy shoppers. is also one of the nation’s leading online couponing sites.

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