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City Board of Elections still leaderless

Bronx Times


Two years after the departure in disgrace of its last executive director, the city Board of Elections is still without a replacement, who given the board’s inner political workings, is supposed to be a Democrat from the Bronx.

Bronx Republican Dawn Sandow has been holding down the fort as deputy director there since the Oct., 2010 departure under a cloud of Bronxite George Gonzalez.

With an annual salary of $189,000, “It’s the most coveted job in the city,” sayeth a savvy political observer.

The reportedly top candidate in line to step into the job is Bronx Democratic board commissioner Naomi Barrera, a private attorney.

We were told that once Democratic County Leader Carl Heastie delivered the Bronx to keep Charlie Rangel in Congress, Manhattan Dem County Leader Keith Wright was supposed to keep his end of the bargain and pave the way by okaying for Barrera. So what happened?

Well, for one thing, Carl failed to deliver the Bronx, though he came close.

But state Senator Adriano Espaillat edged Charlie out by a close 233 votes (out of 5,386 votes cast in the borough).

Less than 9% of registered Bronx voters showed up for the June 26 primary.

But we hear the real problem is a hangup between Manhattan Dem Boss Wright and HIS member on the ten-member equally divided Democrat-Republican elections board, Gregory Soumas, who according to our Dem sources is digging his heels in over Barrera’s selection.

And of course, Mayor Bloomberg would love to see the heavily political board cleaned up, especially after its chaotic handling of the most recent presidential and state-level election. But then again, he’ll soon be gone - after the next election....


The city’s Districting Commission is back at it again, looking at new City Council lines after a ticked-off Council Speaker Chris Quinn told them those carefully designed lines the oh-so non-partisan body drew to pull disgraced Brooklyn assemblyman Vito Lopez into a potentially easy-to-win Council race had to go.

Besides Vito being disappointed, we’d guess East Harlem Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito is none too happy over seeing her district adding a major chunk - actually a bigger chunk in Mott Haven and south Highbridge. Some folks are now even calling it a BRONX seat.

Melissa had been hoping to see her east Harlem 8th C.D. spread over to the upper West Side, but the Harlem polit-ocracy put the kibosh on that.

With one last term to run for in the primary this year, you can bet she’ll be seeing competition for her newly redesigned seat from some Bronx contenders.

With the commission back to the drawing board, its NEXT round of hearings start Monday in Manhattan, with the Bronx hearing set for 6-9 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 9 at Hostos Community College on the Lower Conc, or if you are one of those folks who love to nickname nabes, LOCO.


Boro Prez Ruben D. has started a campaign, as least on his Facebook page, to get 100,000 Bronx Democrats to vote in the Aug. 3 mayoral primary so “you’ll see how we’ll be taken seriously from then on.”

“Unfortunately,” he adds, “we usually get about half that number. What’s even more baffling is that we currently have 500,000 registered Democrats in our borough! Hmmmm.”


The Soundview/Parkchester Community Board 9 member making that narrowly defeated recent motion to oust longtime district manager Francisco Gonzalez has strong ties to the clan Diaz - Senator Ruben Sr. and BP son Ruben Jr. , who dumped almost half the board to install potential Francisco-booters there.

Their hatchet man - through loyalist and new Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda - was William (Willie) Rivera, the state committee member in Sepulveda’s newly-designated 87th Assembly District.

Luis is pushing Willie to fill term-limited Council Majority Leader Joel Rivera’s central Bronx seat in an already crowded race in the neighboring 15th C.D.


Advice from a savvy political pal to newly elected legislators - and incumbents too: “First do no harm.”


It’ll be “See ya!” for Larry Seabrook Tuesday, Jan. 8, when the disgraced former city councilman faces sentencing for stealing $1.5 mil in taxpayer bux to pad the payrolls of do-nothing non-profits in his northeast Bronx district with his mistress, family and pals. We hear Larry will be away for ten years. And our other favorite all-time political character, ex-state Senator Pedro (The Wascally Wabbit) Espada, is due for sentencing Feb. 22. Unless he’s got a Cigarette boat tied up in Mamaroneck for a quick getaway to Cuba, we expect he’ll pull four to five years, thanks to “all the good works he’s done” with his Soundview health clinic chain.


Bronx political activist Ari Hoffnung has moved from being City Comptroller John Liu’s deputy comptroller of public affairs to overseeing a flock of fiscal reports on the city’s economy and budgetary outlook. Sounds like writing obits....


Jan. 2 - Brooklyn City Council candidate Tommy (Tommy Tune) Torres, who made Bronx news as former Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera’s boytoy/staffer while holding down a Brooklyn teaching job.

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Reader Feedback

Soundview from What says:
Hay Kappy, you forgot to point out like Sepulveda, Willie is a "political groupie," whose only real intentions is please the Diaz'. Unfortunately, the days of having real Statesmen in office like Hector Diaz, are long gone. Now, we only get candidates that can't think for themselves, and probably don't know the difference between a noun and a verb.
Jan. 3, 2013, 11:31 am
Nido from Bronxite says:
Commissioner Naomi Barrera is a great choice for the Board of Elections and of course she holds many college degrees and is a lawyer and she knows election law. Not for nothing what college degree does Dawn Sandow have? The answer is not one college degree, she may have attended a college and dropped out but never got a degree of any sort. Anyway Sandow comes with too much questionable baggage. I would rather have a democrat in this position than some republican with questionable education and work experience. You see how the republicans have demolished our country.
Jan. 3, 2013, 12:11 pm
Really from Bronx says:
Bronx County hasn't delivered in several election cycles. They are a joke! When Thompson ran for Mayor, there were pallets of unused campaign literature collecting dust at their headquarters. I hope Thompson isn't relying on these jokesters again, or quite frankly, any democrat with real chances.
Jan. 3, 2013, 1:45 pm
Really Really from Bronx says says:
Really from Bronx, go back under your rock. You're probably one of these disgrunteled people that are mad that Bronx County wasn't hijacked into giving you a job somewhere. Bronx is in much better shape than it was before. Bronx is moving forward not backward.
Jan. 3, 2013, 5:13 pm
CaCa PooPoo says:
I Saw That
Ya'know the comment that was just taken down on Community Board 11's FaceBook Propaganda Page / Group. I can't do this alone! We need to topple this evil empire so good can prevail again. If I find out that the person who left the comment was blocked and / removed it will be time to take legal action against you Jeremy Warneke. You see if a Board Member can openly endorse an ASSembly candidate without being tossed, and a longtime local, is unable to question a mega-construction project that will negatively impact all of us, clearly that would mean the dice are loaded over there. BTW, did Sal really break some ribs or does he have Florida-itis? I see I'm not the only one being targeted on THE BX TIMES RAGPORTER'S COMMENT SECTION, but we all know your litigious ass will file a suit against the paper in a heartbeat; you can just ask your pal Jeff (who has made a nice little side-line for himself by suing government agencies). Just ask for his advice next time your on your knees talking to the one-eyed soldier standing at attention (shhhhh, don't tell Diane that would be a deal breaker and mean a retraction of the Times article). All of us local Morris Park people can't wait to see you get thrown under the bus. Be very careful my fellow Morris Park'ers, he may go postal on us, as much as I love veterans, many of them do suffer PTSD (politically transmitted social diseases) they are easily transmitted to bureaucratics. Look out folks he's got a gun; he's a big time war hero who got accolades he didn't deserve, while my cousin who drowned saving his men got short-changed.

Personally, it's time to do away with all community boards, borough presidents and their staff; instead of raising taxes, we need to be raising questions and demanding answers.
Posted by Judy Ferony at 5:30 PM
Jan. 3, 2013, 9:17 pm
Google User from Soundview says:
Why don't you do a Google search for "William Rivera volunteer fire department" and read up on the track record of Community Board 9 latest "Hatchet Man".
Jan. 4, 2013, 1:19 am
Kurvë from Lydig Ave says:
I've really had it; I'm sick of my blog being posted without my permission, I need a lawyer ~… #lawyer #probono #blogger
Jan. 4, 2013, 8:05 am
Really from from Bronx says:
Really Really from Bronx, I want some of what you have been smoking. Bronx has worst unemployment, most fast-food franchises, serious obesity problems, skyrocketing violent crime rates, and on and on. And what has our elected officials have done -- the best the Borough President did is walk the projects to promote non-violence. Give me a break --- what a joke! What people need is true leadership from our elected officials; frankly, the cast of characters representing us in the Bronx these days lack those quality. And most, if not all, hail from the Bronx County party. Losers.....
Jan. 4, 2013, 1:10 pm
Oh My from Morris Pork says:
To The Elected Shatbags of Morris Park
I asked you to get me the name of the Director over at Human Resources so I can get the policy of not giving tax payers medicaid unless they are behind on their rent and utilities but I guess you are too busy robbing us blind building sidewalks to nowhere on Pelham Parkway (a mistake that cost tax payers millions). If this is their policy let the tax payers see it in writing. Of course these are things that Jimmy Vacca and Jeff Klein don't give a crap about because our tax payer dollars pay for their corrupt asses to have healthcare for them and their families for the rest of their life. I've been told that this is the requirement from Ms. Hudson at HRA and by a Ms. Johnson at what use to be Our Lady of Mercy. I'm being told that I'll be evicted by my landlord if I don't pay my rent. Why? Why should this be a criteria for someone who has no income to get medical help. What happened to Obamacare? I guess you don't give a damn about the very people who voted for you (repeatedly) over the years; you should be ashamed of yourselves. This is why people use the emergency room as their primary care physician; and why there are 18 hour wait times to be seen in the ER's around the city. Like I said, you don't care because you'll never have to wait that long. This should have been addresses in August of 2012 when once again I was turned away from Jacobi before I lost my unemployment insurance for services that would require me to pay on a sliding scale. On that occasion I was told I'd have to see a doctor first and the next appointment was on Halloween. This is unacceptable. I paid taxes so every god damn foreigner and illegal can get services that the white middle class are being denied. Of course I couldn't wait till Halloween, needed an ambulance and was put into collection because I couldn't afford the $600 bill I was charged to go a lousy 2 miles up to Jacobi. I know you are very busy planning ways to destroy our community with sidewalks to nowhere, an evicting a healthy horse from the stables so you can take the land and build some homeless shelters in our community; and I hope all you voters remember this. Remember all the corruption that is ruining Morris Park, and affecting the quality of all our lives. Today it's me, tomorrow it may be you. I paid taxes all my life in one form or another. The money I paid went to educate your kids (I never had children), pave your streets (I never own a car and rarely take public transportation, walking whenever possible) and to pay for services like blizzards that weren't cleared in a timely manner and garbage cans that are used as public dumps and over-flowing. You elected officials suck and I really do hope that one day you are exposed for the greedy pigs that you are. The world is watching. We see you pushing people like Mark through, a guy who was allowed to buy his assembly seat; we're watching and growing weary of your shinnanagans. Biaggi, Valella, Seabrook, Espada ..... fill in the blank _________. Which one of you elected ——bags will be next. To all you staffers out there, you have an obligation to report any illegal activity; remember that, you'll be the first one they through under the bus. Don't worry, you'll only get about 2 years, that seems to be the average slap on the wrist and just think when you come out you'll be set for life (maybe you'll get a business, neighborhood association, not-for-profit or disability/SSI).
Oh yeah forgot:
Posted by Judy Ferony at 8:30 AM
Jan. 6, 2013, 9:28 am
Adam from Pelham Gardens says:
Oh how I love you, fair Bronx. My beautiful and parochial Bronx.
Jan. 6, 2013, 2:56 pm
The Truth from Krypton says:
The BTR should hire the person who writes the Morris Park Ave Blog, she knows and writes the TRUTH!!!

No Jeremy Warneke It Wasn't A Rumor
The news and the cops were down here interviewing my friends about the robbery at knife-point that unlike you have lived here all our lives. Whether a police report was filed or not is beyond the scope of this blog and I'm not sure if that can be FOIL'd. The truth is the 49th is suppressing crime stats to bolster real estate prices; but when you have crooked cops like Joe Thompson (now retired) getting BID money and in charge of many of the community affairs issues this is what you get. Joe are you getting paid $60,000 a year to head a BID too; just like the job Robert wanted? Joe why did you bring your chocolate colored friend to all the crooked neighborhood groups for their approval of Club Karma; like how much kickback was involved in that deal alone. Silvio the treasurer of Community Board 11; are you the same Silvio from the 5 corners that couldn't even walk straight back in the day because you were so ——ed up on downers? These are the questions we all want to know about your "Good Old Boys" Network. Jeremy please step down now, you are a disgrace! This community board is guilty of all the things that the other CB is being trashed for in the Ragporter article. You are all a bunch of hypocrites; we need to get rid of community boards all together, you people are no effing good, you actually did me a favor by not hiring me cause I too damn honest to be working there. BTW, what's the deal with all the ——s your allowing on your FaceBook Page, seems like they're Rubin Diaz cronies to me; maybe you should let the Foxy Family show us your financials as well as "Friends of Community Board 11". Wise up people; lets organize so we can get rid of these rotten community boards that are working against us behind our backs "Rusty Gate", "the Sidewalk to Nowhere" and the "911 Call Center" which isn't going to make one job here and is being built on a flood plain that was once public land should clue everyone in. Someone made a lot of money on that transaction, and all their worried about is a friggin' healthy horse being removed. If we got rid of all the community boards, and borough presidents and their staffs it would save the tax payers tons of money and aggravation. If they were on the up and up they would be posting the attendance rates and the way the board members were voting for the past 10 years up on their government page (you know the one they have thanks to me and pressure from this blog).
Posted by Judy Ferony at 3:14 PM
Jan. 7, 2013, 3:32 pm
The Red Bombshell says:
By the way, Joanne the —— of the CB 11 FaceBook Page; I thought you didn't allow people who don't use their real names? "The Red Bombshell" Really!? You need a good kick in your c@nt Joanne; you're a real piece of ——. Maybe you should come down here and tell the colored folk to their face that you don't want "them" bused in to the school you voted down on the Mother Butler site. ——, they would tear you up! It's too bad we don't still have the "Old School" Morris Park in the house; they would have strung up this community board like sneakers on a lamp-post. Now the greedy kinda-loons that are left are too busy selling us out like Tony and Sal the greaseballs.
Jeremy, everyone down here knows you're a liar; after you forged my name on a legal document you showed you're true colors. The unwillingness of your crooked cronies to have you prosecuted for fraud and forgery tells us everything we need to know about you and yours. No one believes anything you have to say, a liar is a liar and if you'd lie about the intern papers, you'll lie about crime; I alerted you to some organized crime activity of some of your board members and have the FaceBook messages to prove it. I don't know when Tom Lucania is going to do the right thing for our district and have an investigation into you and your inappropriate appointment to CB 11. I was at the community board when a store owner said he was threatened by one of your board members over setting up a table during the Columbus Day Parade; these aren't people that should be allowed on a community board, said member also was the guy who opened the Hone Avenue Cafe. A cafe that had an unsolved murder attached to it. You're screwing with people who have lived in this community their whole life and have a lot of friends too (the guy Tony messed with has a lot of friends, more than you ever will because ringers don't count for friends). Wise up!

I didn't sign this, and the people who know me and know my family, know I wouldn't lie about something like this; this community is tired of paying for people like you to have jobs, benefits and any type of say here. You should go back to Illinois and take your Albanian wife with you before you start to multiply. The fact is most people know that I'm brutally honest, I don't even know how to lie; what happened at Lawrence Hospital should have told you something about my character. Money didn't mean as much to me as doing the right thing. Patients were being put in danger and Senator Jeff Klein didn't give a crap about it; it was more important that his crooked cronies get away with doing an illegal abatement job. That's what happens when you have mob guys on the board of directors, a guy whose married to a famous prosecutor with her own TV show (and a disgrace to Italians everywhere). If she gets one more facelift, her face will crack when she goes to chat it up with Hannity.
Jan. 8, 2013, 4:56 am
The Red Bombshell says:
Not Even The Front Of A Church Was Sacred
I'll never forget something that happened to my father about a year before he passed away (so we're talkin' 2002); he was very lucid at the time too. My father use to go down to St. Dominic first thing in the morning to help the priest say mass; he was like a giant altar boy. One morning he saw a woman in front of the church, he thought she was getting raped (there was two guys in the car with her). He flagged down the police and they told him to mind his business. The woman wasn't getting raped, she was a prostitute and my father stumbled onto their little prostitution ring down there. My father was never the same after that; and I think he was a little scared for his life too. Make no mistakes about it, that's why they don't want cameras on the avenue; god only knows what else we might stumble upon. Can you imagine, right in front of the church; when I say these people are ghouls, I'm not kidding. I was told a long time ago that there are board members who have family that are high ranking gang members and doing time; to make matters worse, these people are ratting out the other gang members for leniency of their sentences.
Posted by Judy Ferony at 1:16 AM
Jan. 8, 2013, 4:58 am
Erika Menendez from MTA says:
Google Free WiFi Zone
Now why the heck can't we get this in the Bronx where most people are poor? Answer: Because our elected officials don't give a flying f@ck about us; Verizon FIOS probably gives them free internet for their offices so screw everyone else. The Google Free WiFi Zone is in Chelsea from West 19th to 14th and between 8th and 10th avenue. This ties in with why I'm so against these BID's and Business Alliances; they do nothing to help people with online businesses (or to help us get started). This is why the Bronx is the Borough of Buffoons; and as long as they discourage people like me from getting into local government this will continue. These scumbags have a monopoly and are laughing all the way to the bank at our expense. So once again kudos to Google, it's nice to see them give back; as a matter of fact every time you get information off this blog you're enjoying the gift of Google. Is it a double-edges sword at times, you bet; like with everything else, you have to take the good with the bad.

Posted by Judy Ferony at 5:26 PM
Jan. 8, 2013, 8:56 pm
know it all from right here says:
Instant karma...but good things come to those who wait.
Jan. 9, 2013, 12:01 am
Rob Giuffre from Morris Park says:
I've been out of the loop for a while, keeping my head down and just trying to get by and make ends meet. Looks like I haven't missed much.

100,000 Bronx voters for the mayoral primary seems like a really realistic goal. But it would actually require the BX Dems getting their act together and doing things. You know, campaigning... having phone banks, sending mail, raising money.

What a novel idea.
Jan. 15, 2013, 4:10 pm
Rob Giuffre from Morris Park says:
Bill Di Blasio.... all the way for the goal!

He is the only one with the natural charisma, and he has the least amount of skeletons in its closet. Quinn is not going to be the next mayor of NYC; I would be willing to bet every dollar. John Liu is way too controversial. Bill Thompson had his chance and can't deliver.

Di Blasio has to carry the outer borough whites and Harlem and Brooklyn blacks. Let the Jewish vote go with Quinn.

I hope the BX Dems have enough sense to get behind the next mayor: Bill Di Blasio who will fix Education in the city and stand up to the real estate developers who want to pillage every last dollar from our city.

I hope the BX Dems can muster up enough dignity to endorse a white man who is obviously the best candidate in this Democratic field.
Jan. 15, 2013, 4:15 pm
Rob Giuffre from Morris Park says:
Sounded a little extreme here, when rereading. Just using hyperbole to make my point that endorsing Di Blasio and getting 100,000 voters out would be huge, albeit slightly uncharacteristic. The Bronx and Latino voters could turn the tide and should get the attention it deserves. Sorry for speaking too bluntly.
Jan. 15, 2013, 5:57 pm
S&D of Liberty from Parkchester says:
Its a shame that Tsar Diaz is only trying to get 100,000 Bronxites to vote in the mayoral primary, when their are 500,000 registered voters. I guess he really doesn't want to wake up the masses because they will realize how lousy a job he has done with the Bronx...since his tenure both unemployment and crime has gone up... Great Job!
Jan. 23, 2013, 8:10 pm

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