St. Ray’s Holds Youth Easter Parade

With the start of spring comes the celebration of Easter, and St. Raymond’s Elementary School is taking advantage of the nice weather for their own festivities.

A small event for the pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade classes of St. Raymond’s that started three years ago has grown into a larger celebration for kids, parents and teachers to enjoy.

Christine Capalbo, first grade teacher at the school, initially came up with a way for the kids to prepare for Easter by coloring eggs, making cards and other holiday activities inside the classroom.

On Thursday, April 14, the school, located at 2380 E. Tremont Avenue, was the sight of a small parade with the young students marching around the school in customized Easter decorated hats and signs, followed by an Easter egg hunt and a petting zoo for all of the kids.

Parents, family members and local residents were invited to watch the festivities and other students of the school were in attendance with their teachers to support the youngsters as they made their way around the school.

“This started off as something small for the kids to get involved in the Easter spirit,” said Christine Capalbo. “With the way it’s developed over the last few years, the kids really look forward to it and it’s become a way to bring our school community together and remind everyone that this time of year is a celebration of Easter.”

Students were allowed to wear their own hats, which parents and guardians helped decorate at home with Easter colors and other items representing the holiday.

Over 100 students were lead by the newly started St. Raymond’s Elementary School Band, who was performing in only their second parade after they made their debut in the Throggs Neck St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday, March 13.

While the sounds of the band filled the surrounding streets, it gained the attention of passerbys and the small parade made two laps around the school.

Following their march, each class was invited one at a time to take part in an Easter egg hunt around the school and church campus. The all-day event was capped with a petting zoo.

“Something simple, that started inside the classroom, was such a success we wanted to see what we can do to make this bigger and better,” said school principal Sr. Patricia Brito. “Not only is it a social and fun event, but it brings out the simple traditions of Easter, so we felt it was necessary to invite all family and friends to celebrate.”

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