St. Helena School Hosts Science Fair

St. Helena School’s many budding young scientists showcased their impressive experiments.
Photo courtesy of St. Helena’s School

St. Helena School announced the first place winners for its time honored science fair on Friday, March 3. This year’s victors include first grader Ja’Nyah Clarke-Malcolm for ‘Sugar Water Density’, second grader Odilet Encarnacion for ‘Fizz Inflator’, third grader Angelina Infante for ‘Water Siphon’, fourth grader Isabella Muniz for ‘How Flowers Drink Water’, fifth graders Andrea Belotto and Angel Smith for ‘Cleaning Slime’, sixth graders Joseph Rosario and Nicholas Singh for ‘Hydroelectric Generator’ and seventh graders Nathalia Diaz and Jenesia Getfield for ‘Static Electricity’. The winners will advance to the borough-wide Bronx Catholic School Science Fair on Thursday, March 23 at Mount St. Michael Academy.

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