St. Catharine Cheerleaders

SCA Stars Go Far!

On February 10 to 15, the Saint Catharine Academy JV and Varsity Cheerleaders traveled to Orlando, Florida to compete in The National High School Cheerleading Championship (NHSCC).There were over 400 teams among all the divisions at Nationals.

The cheerleaders at SCA have a lot to be cheering about this season with their numerous victories at local competitions and the great achievements they have made at the National competition.Earlier in the season, the JV team placed 2nd at regionals, an event where cheerleaders receive a bid to compete at nationals, and the Varsity received 1st place. The SCA Varsity cheerleaders placed so well at this event, they received an automatic bid to the nationals.

As a program St. Catharine Academy’s Cheerleading team has been attending the NHSCC in Orlando, Florida for seven years and every year they have performed tremendously and continued to make SCA history.Last year was the first year the JV squad attended nationals and was ranked 14th in the nation at finals. This year the team was 11th in the semifinals.The Varsity team, previously 16th in the nation in the finalist round, has now broken into the top ten, a goal that was set at the beginning of the season.The Varsity team now has an official ranking of the 9th best team in the country in their division.This is the 1st time in SCA history that the Varsity cheerleaders advanced straight to finals skipping the semifinals round because they placed 2nd out of prelims. This is a huge accomplishment in itself because many teams who have been attending the NHSCC for many years do not get the chance to skip the intense semifinalist round.

The cheerleaders at St. Catharine Academy have accomplished so much this year and have truly shined brightly in all their performances.They would not be as successful with out the support from their principal, president, faculty, fans and parents!

Here is the link to watch the performance of the cheerleaders at Saint Catharine Academy In order to view the JV and Varsity team type in Catharine in the search bar.

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