South Bronx’s only beer garden, Bricks and Hops, has it all!

South Bronx’s only beer garden, Bricks and Hops, has it all!|South Bronx’s only beer garden, Bricks and Hops, has it all!|South Bronx’s only beer garden, Bricks and Hops, has it all!
Schneps Media/ Alex Mitchell|Schneps Media/ Alex Mitchell|Schneps Media/ Alex Mitchell

The south Bronx’s only beer garden is tapped and ready for business. Called Bricks and Hops at 65 Bruckner Boulevard, it’s bringing another creative and unique eatery to the expansive ‘downtown’ strip, along the newly re-utilized Harlem River waterfront.

The newest addition to the neighborhood is run and operated by the same entrepeneurs behind The Bronx Drafthouse next to Yankee Stadium and neighboring hip hop-themed restaurant, Beatstro on Alexander Avenue.

While it’s operated by the resteaurant group’s usual supsects Alfredo Angueria and Junior Martinez, this time they brought another Bronx guy off the bench…Super Bowl Champion New York Jet and Pittsburgh Steeler, WIllie Colon.

The offensive guard’s brand new beer garden offers over 40 different brews, 20 of which are available on tap.

More than just beer though, Bricks and Hops offers one of the few outdoor backyard sitting areas in the entire borough.

That wooden deck-like backyard is garnished with flowers, candles and even a tree sprouting through a portion of one of its benches. The atmosphere is so perfect, diners forget they’re in the heart of the city.

The backyard of Bricks and Hops.
Schneps Media/ Alex Mitchell

If beer doesn’t satisfy your pallet, you’re still in good hands at Bricks and Hops. The restaurant offers plenty of signature cocktails that sign, seal, and deliver a punch…especially the libatous Ready, Fire, Aim!

This cocktail combines mezcal, lime, pineapple, honey and arbol chile just to make things a little extra adventurous. That’s in addition to the henny coladas and many other unique non-beer drinks.

The food at Bricks and Hops offers quite a bit of tantalizing flavor as well.

The Bronx Bully Chicken Sandwich, a massive fried chicken cutlet smothered with red cabbage, pepper jack cheese, pickled jalapenos and garlic aioli on a brioche bun is definitely a keeper; mix it with a side of chili rubbed fries and it will take more than one Bronx Brewery Summer Ale to wash it down.

The beer, food, atmosphere and artwork inside and out are a very direct nod to the Bronx, maintaining the authentic feel of the borough along with its culture and cuisine.

Bricks and Hops has some very generous happy hour deals as well. Tell them you know Alex even though nothing will likely happen, but hey, you’re still in for a great time.

A Bronx Brewery Summer Ale in Bricks and Hops’ backyard.
Schneps Media/ Alex Mitchell