South Bronx high school sends 90 percent of 2020 class to college

KIPP NYC College Prep High School, send 90 percent of its seniors to college.
Courtesy of KIPP

COVID-19 did not prevent students at one south Bronx high school from getting into college.

KIPP NYC College Prep High School at 201 East 144th St., will send 285 graduates to colleges, including Cornell, CUNY Schools, Howard University, NYU, Princeton, Stanford, SUNY Schools and the University of Pennsylvania.

This is the high school’s eighth graduating cohort of students hailing from Harlem, Washington Heights, Crown Heights and the south Bronx. 74 percent of the students will be first generation college students.

Given the challenges of finalizing college acceptance remotely in the middle of a health crisis, KIPP helped students and families through virtual college counseling and financial aid support.

“This year’s list of college matriculations is a true testament to the incredible work of all our KIPP students who tackled adversity and climbed the ladder of success, and the devotion of our KIPP teachers and college counselors,” said KIPP NYC College Prep High School principal Carlos Capellan. “I speak for the entire staff when I say nothing makes us prouder than seeing our students graduate and represent the KIPP community as they start their college journey at top academic institutions across the country.”

KIPP NYC College Prep High School, send 90 percent of its seniors to college. Courtesy of KIPP

According to data released by the school:

88 percent of students committed to college as of May 20, which will grow to an estimated 91 percent by June 1.
60 percent  of students who applied early decision or restrictive early action were accepted.
5,400 total applications were submitted by the class.
2,100 total acceptances were received as of May 15, with many decisions outstanding due to revised college timelines, an average of seven acceptances per student.
Two-thirds of students will have their full financial needs met.

Final acceptance numbers will be available in early June.

“At KIPP NYC, our goal is for students to develop the skills necessary to go to and through college by providing a comprehensive learning experience, an enriching array of extracurriculars, and helping them navigate challenging college preparatory courses,” said Rebekah Bambling, director of College Counseling at KIPP NYC. “Although we faced unprecedented challenges navigating the shift to remote learning and college counseling this year, KIPP has remained steadfast in our commitment to provide our students and families with the highest quality education and support they need to achieve their long-term academic and career goals.”

The KIPP Through College & Career (KTCC) program prepares students for the college admissions process and provides them with a college counselor in their senior year to navigate the application process. Thes counselors ensure students are applying to schools that have a strong track record of graduating first-generation college students and provide adequate financial aid

“KIPP teachers and college counselors have supported my academic goals, fostered personal passions, and set me up for college success,” said Kallyn Batista, a KIPP NYC College Prep High School senior who will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall as a Posse Scholar. “I look forward to beginning my college journey and hope to mentor and encourage other students from similar backgrounds like mine to pursue their dreams.”

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