She’s first Bronx baby of 2014

Oh baby!

We don’t have an accurate count of how many Bronx moms in labor either held back or pushed hard trying to make their mark with the first Bronx baby of the year, but we do have the winning first baby of 2014.

She’s Kairi Evany Cid Bravo, all 7 pounds, 13 ounces and 19 1/2 inches of her, born at 12:15 a.m. New Year’s Day at Montefiore Medical Center’s Weiler Hospital on the Einstein Medical College campus in Morris Park.

She gets credit for having what will likely be one of the most unique names of this year, compared to the top list of names for babies born in the Bronx, according to city Department of Health and Mental Hygiene records.

But more about that later.

“If she wasn’t born on New Year’s if would have been fine, as long as she was a healthy baby,” said proud first-time mom Kaori Bravo, 19, from Pelham Bay. “But they told me I had a possibility, so I just started pushing and pushing, ‘Okay, I gotta do this.’”

“Everybody started coming in the room and saying ‘Oh my God! Push! Push! And the father was just so scared! He started screaming at me and I started crying.”

She said she was grateful to the hospital staff “who were so supportive. And I said I can really do it, and it was 12:13.”

With the real work now beginning to raise her, Bravo said “The only I want for my daughter is for her to grow up nice and healthy.”

“The immediate plan is stay calm and just treat her the right way and teach her the right things, because society is just getting harder. I just want her to understand.”

As for dad Kevin Cid, he “kind of stumbled” learning to diaper little Kairi, she said, “but he’s learning.”

The Health Department will take note of little Kairi’s birth, since it not only logs in the annual birth count, but also popular names.

It’s too soon to compile the 2013 stats, but the department, which goes by the mother’s residence, said the Bronx had 20,044 newborns delivered in 2012..

The three most popular names for boys in the borough that year, in descending order, were Jayden (142 ), Ethan (104 ) and Jacob (95).

For girls, it was Madison (84) , Isabella (81) and Sophia (65).

That came pretty close to the citywide popular names list, with Jayden (and Sophia the most popular baby names in 2012. Jayden has been the number 1 boys name for the last four years, while Sophia reclaimed the number 1 spot after a three year absence.

Broken down by ethnicity citywide, the number one names for girls in 2012 were:

Hispanic – Isabella; Black – Madison; White – Emma, and Asian and Pacific Islander – Chloe.

For boys, it was:

Hispanic – Jayden; Black – Jayden again; White – Joseph, and Asian and Pacific Islander – Ryan.

The department came up with only one baby named Bronx that year.

One of the better known children with that moniker (for better or worse) is the son of singer Ashlee Simpson and husband Pete Wentz, bassist of the rock group Fall Out Boy.

And just for good (or worse) measure, they threw in the middle name Mowgli.

Like his namesake borough, as well as a certain legendary boy named Sue, we’d expect that kid is sure to grow up tough.

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