Serrano opts for options on Sheridan Expressway

Tear down this expressway, or at least consider it – says Congressman Jose Serrano.

After hearing community activists express concerns about excessive pollution, Serrano has asked the city Department of Transportation to reconsider its appraisal that removing the Sheridan Expressway is unfeasible.

Several community groups have pushed to see the roadway “decommissioned,” arguing it is under-used and its footprint would be better used as greenspace.

The city DOT deemed decommissioning unfeasible and removed it from further study on Thursday, May 10, delighting many at the Hunts Point Economic Development, who believe the roadway is vital to serving the market.

Serrano called for “full removal” to be kept as a possibility in a study he funded with a federal grant.

“We know that there are difficulties with removing the Sheridan, but we are interested in knowing how that could be accomplished, not hearing that it is too difficult to even continue studying.” said Serrano.

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