Senator Klein’s graffiti removal program available on website

Access to a local elected official’s graffiti removal program has now become easier than ever.

Since it began in March 2005, Senator Jeff Klein’s Graffiti Removal Program has helped clean up buildings, walls, fences, and other tagged-up areas within his district.

For the first time ever, constituents are now able to make their complaints about graffiti directly to Klein’s website. Not only can residents include details about a graffiti-marked area, but they can also upload pictures of the location to show Klein and his staff the extent of the damage.

According to Klein, this new service will enhance the graffiti removal process within his district and will also help local precincts determine marked-up locations.

“This new service is an important tool in our fight against blight,” Klein said. “I encourage everyone to sign onto my website and report any and all graffiti they see in their neighborhood. They can even provide a photo that we will pass along to local law enforcement.”

When submitting the information on Klein’s website, constituents are required to include their full name, address, phone number, e-mail address, location of the vandalized area, surface type, area of the property that was marked, and whether or not the property owner needs to provide access to clean the location.

To report a graffiti complain, visit Senator Klein’s website at

Reach Vito Signorile via e-mail at or by phone at (718) 742-3383.

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