Senator Jeff Klein reduces beach debris

Senator Jeff Klein reduces beach debris|Senator Jeff Klein reduces beach debris
Photo courtesy of Marjorie Hooks |Photo courtesy of Marjorie Hooks

Two private beaches in Throggs Neck recently got comprehensive clean ups at a discounted rate.

Beaches in both Edgewater Park and Silver Beach cooperatives, that are used by their residents for summertime recreation, got their clean sand back after Senator Jeff Klein reached out on their behalf to beach cleaning company Hermann Lindau and Son Inc.

The cleanings came just in time for residents to enjoy their waterfront.

“There is no better way to spend summer’s long days and warm nights than on the beautiful beaches right here in the Bronx,” said Klein. “That’s why I was happy to work with the communities of Edgewater Park and Silver Beach to secure a heavily reduced rate for a thorough beach cleaning. With the help of Hermann Lindau, both Silver Beach and Sandy Beach are officially ready for the season.”

According to Senator Klein’s office, Edgewater Park’s Sandy Beach received a clean-up at a savings of $1,150 to the Edgewater Park Owners Cooperative, Inc., while Silver Beach Gardens Corporation saved a cool $1,200.

Co-op’s Thankful

Marjorie Hooks of Edgewater Park said Klein’s intervention helped clean a beach that a lot of children who live in the complex use.

Over the years, the beach had been covered with a lot of debris and shells from storms, she said.

“This one particular beach really needed to be cleaned,” she said, adding “people have said that the beach has not looked this great in 50 years.”

High tide does not fully cover all of the sand at Sandy Beach, she said, stressing the cleanup’s importance.

In Silver Beach,

Irene Sullivan said that Silver Beach Gardens is grateful for the senator’s help, and said there were several volunteers who did beautification work around the beach during the cleaning.

“We are very grateful for the support in keeping our beach clean; it is good for the whole Bronx environment,” she said. “We thank Senator Klein for his ongoing support of the community. We know that he appreciates the volunteerism that is so much a part of the Throggs Neck community.”

Glad to Help

Herman Lindau, the president of Hermann Lindau and Son, said that the cleaning gave the locals a chance to see their company’s “small walk-behind beach cleaner,” which can be used to get through smaller areas like Silver Beach. They were first contacted by Silver Beach, he added.

“I thought that it was a good opportunity for Silver Beach and also for Edgewater to actually see the machines being used, and to help out the community a little bit by giving them a cleaning at a really discounted rate,” said Lindau.

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The Edgewater Park beach after the cleaning.
Photo courtesy of Marjorie Hooks