Sen. Klein moves street light repairs

Concerned about the safety of his residents, Senator Jeff Klein took immediate action to resolve an issue that had been troubling those in the area for months.

Since January, the street light located between 733 and 735 Van Nest Avenue had been broken, causing distress among nearby residents. After placing many calls into 311 and waiting months for repair, a frustrated Silvestro Schiliro contacted Senator Klein’s office with the hope that he could help resolve what seemed like an endless issue. With the street light out and loiterers frequently hanging out in this area, Schiliro expressed serious concern that there would be an increased likelihood of muggings and other criminal activity.

After working with the state Department of Transportation and Con Edison, Klein ensured that repairs would be performed immediately. Keeping true to his word, the light has recently been fixed and residents can feel reassured again of their neighborhood’s safety.

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